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This guide will provide instructins on how to adjust the position of the steering wheel on a Mitsubishi Outlander.

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Did you know the steering wheel position can be adjusted to accommodate different drivers? Since not all of us are the same height, the steering wheel can be moved up and down vertically as well as forward and backward to accommodate for arm length/reach.

Not only does adjusting the steering wheel position give the driver more comfort while driving, having the airbag at chest height is paramount for the driver's safety in the event of a collision. Follow along with these simple steps, and you will be able to have your steering wheel in its correct position too!


  1. Park the vehicle on level ground and place the shifter in Park.
  2. Locate the lever on the left side of the steering column for steering wheel adjustment.adjust mitsubishi steering wheel
  3. With one hand gripping the steering wheel, use the other to press this lever down. This will allow the steering wheel to float freely and be adjusted.
  4. Position the steering wheel vertically to your chest height. Be sure to have your seat in the correct position while adjusting the wheel!
  5. Now, position the distance the steering wheel sits away from you by pushing or pulling it. Note: you do not want the steering wheel to be in your chest; this can be fatal in an accident. And you also do not want to be reaching for the steering wheel so much that you are locking your arms; this is also dangerous in an accident, uncomfortable, and bad for your arms.
  6. Once you have positioned the steering wheel correctly, hold it in position with one arm and lock the lever back in place by pushing it up. Check to make sure the steering wheel is staying in position by trying to move it. That's it, and you are done!

What is the correct position I should grab the steering wheel at while driving?

It is recommended to grab the steering wheel at the 9 o'clock and 3'oclock positions. This will prevent your arms from being hurt in an airbag collision and promote good posture and overall driving technique.

What else should I know about steering?

You can also work on your driving technique. Use the pull-push method when taking turns. This means, pull in the direction you are turning with one hand, relax the other and move it down to the bottom of the steering wheel in the crotch area. Then grab the steering wheel with the relaxed hand and push in the direction of the turn. This is ideal than the "crossover method," crossing arms over while turning. There's no chance of fumbling your arms, and it doesn't cause you to twist your torso or extend your shoulders.

Vehicle Applications

All Mitsubishi models including Galant, Lancer Evo, Outlander, Eclipse, Mirage, and more. All year models including current-gen: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021

Mitsubishi Adjust Position of the Steering Wheel This guide will provide instructins on how to adjust the position of the steering wheel on a Mitsubishi Outlander.