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Mitsubishi owners may get a warning on the dashboard stating BSW Service Required. This message comes on when the blind spot monitoring function malfunctions.

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While this error message shows up, you must turn the head when changing lanes to check the blind spots. 

What does BSW service required error mean?

BSW is an abbreviation for the Blind Spot Warning system, a safety feature found in many newer Mitsubishi vehicles. It uses a radar mounted behind the rear bumper that monitors the blind spots next to the car.

When it detects an approaching vehicle in the blind spot area, it notifies the driver with a symbol on the corresponding outside mirror. An additional feature of this system is Lane Change Assist or LCA. It alerts the driver with a buzzing sound to switch lanes while another vehicle is in the blind spot. 


  • BSW service required message showing on the vehicle display
  • Inoperable BSW and LCA feature, meaning the driver will not be warned about approaching vehicles inside the blind spots. 

Possible Causes 

mitsubishi bsw servbice required problem
The most common problem that triggers Mitsubishi BSW Service Required warning light is a damaged radar sensor behind the rear bumper. Try pulling over and restarting the vehicle. If the BSW Service Required doesn't reset, the vehicle needs to be diagnosed. 

Foreign objects and external conditions - that interfere with radar operation. Some possible issues include a thick layer of mud and dirt to a heavy rain downpour or snow. The system will regain proper operation after these obstructions are no longer present. 

Damaged or misaligned radar assembly - due to the previous collision or after performing other repairs to the rear end of the vehicle that includes bumper removal. 

Software issues - and glitches that can result in BSW system issues in some specific situations. Installing the latest BSW software version will ensure that the system has all the necessary upgrades.

To diagnose Mitsubishi BSW Service Required, you will need to use a Mitsubishi All System Scanner to read the fault codes stored in the BSW Control Module.