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This guide provides instructions on how to remove the trunk latch on a 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander and install a new one.

Table of Contents

First, check the trunk release and the cable that runs from the driver's seat to the trunk if your Mitsubishi trunk will not open. If your Mitsubishi has a button to release the trunk, then you need to inspect the button and the electrical wires that run from the button to the trunk latch. You can use a digital multimeter to test for power at the trunk latch when the trunk release button is pressed. Replace the trunk latch if there is power, but the trunk latch won't release.  

The repair will fix faulty trunk latches that do not operate or close properly. It is common for trunk latch actuator motors to malfunction or for latches to become misaligned or damaged. If these problems occur, follow this guide to remove and replace the trunk latch on your vehicle.

What you will need



  • Trunk latch
    • It may also be called lock w/ actuator motor assembly.


  1. Open the trunk remove the plastic trim on the inside of the trunk. Using a wedge trim tool, carefully pry down to pop it off. The trim is held in by plastic retainers around the perimeter of it. Pull each part of the trim until the retainers pop out of the trunk. Set the trim piece trunk latch


  2. After the trim is removed, a hole is exposed in the trunk's sheet metal to get to the trunk latch. The trunk latch has an electrical connector going into it that needs to be unplugged. Find the connector and push down on the tab of the connector and pull apart to release the connector from one another.Trunk latch connector


  3. Next, remove the three bolts holding the trunk latch in. Then, the trunk latch can be removed through the hole in the sheet metal.  Remove mitsubishi track latch


  4. Finally, install the new trunk latch with the three bolts. Don't forget to plug in the electrical connector and reinstall the trim the same way it came off.

How can I fix my trunk latch that won't close?

Most likely, the trunk latch actuator motor or latching mechanism is stuck or malfunctioning. Follow this guide to replace the whole unit. Make sure the trunk striker latch is still intact and aligned properly on the bottom of the trunk. Some may need to adjust the alignment.  

My trunk won't open; how can I fix my trunk latch that won't open?

If the trunk won't open, the trunk latch is stuck. Over time, the mechanism wears out, the grease in the latch dries out, and the latches rust. Crawl through the back of the vehicle and use a flathead screwdriver and pry in between the locking part of the latch and the striker.

If there is an emergency trunk release, pull it to help release the latch. When the trunk is open, remove and replace the trunk latch.

Mitsubishi Trunk Latch Replacement Guide This guide provides instructions on how to remove the trunk latch on a 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander and install a new one.