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This guide provides step-by-step instructions on opening a Lexus trunk when the car battery is dead. 

To unlock your Lexus key, remove the emergency metal key from the remote. Next, look at the trunk for a key tumbler. If your Lexus doesn't have a keyhole to unlock the trunk, follow the next section's steps to unlock a Lexus trunk. 

Table of Contents


  1. If the car battery is drained, the only way to open the trunk is by gaining access to the car with the manual key. 2007-Lexus-IS-250 manual key
  2. Press the release on the keyfob and remove the vehicle's manual key. Lexus emergency manual key
  3. First, check for a  keyhole in the trunk and use the key to unlock the trunk. If there is no keyhole in the trunk, you should see a keyhole in the driver's door. Lexus ES350 2010 manual key The cover should come off without much effort and will cause the hidden keyhole to be revealed. Lexus ES350 2010 manual key removal
  4.  Put your key into the keyhole and turn it to unlock the driver's door. Lexus ES350 2010 manual key opening
  5. Your car should open. 2007-Lexus-GS-350 opened
  6. Now that you have opened the car, press the trunk release button. If the trunk is electronically operated, it won't unlock if the battery is dead. Pull the hood release and open the hood. 1991-Lexus-LS400 hood lever open Lexus RX330 2004 hood release
  7. Connect a jump box to the jump-starting terminals. Connect the positive (red) clamp to the positive terminal.  2010-Lexus-ES-350 positive terminal battery Lexus ES350 2010 probe on battery positive terminal
  8. Connect the negative (black) clamp to an unpainted bolt on the frame. Do not connect directly to the negative battery terminal. 2004-Lexus-ES-330 negative battery terminal
  9. Now that the vehicle is powered up insert the key in the ignition and turn it on.  1991-Lexus-LS400 turning ignition 2007-Lexus-IS-250 start ignition
  10. Press the trunk release button. 2007-Lexus-GS-350 open trunk

When the car battery dies on a Lexus, you won't unlock the button by pressing the trunk release button on the key fob. 

Use these instructions to unlock the driver's door and open the trunk manually. If your Lexus has an electronic trunk release, you will need a jump box to power up the vehicle.