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This guide provides instructions on how to program an Audi key fob. 

Table of Contents

The following procedure will program the key fob to unlock/lock the Audi. The immobilizer chip must be programmed at the Audi dealer. Your other option is to have your locksmith cut and program the new key to start the car and then perform this procedure to synchronize the remote. These instructions do not work on newer Audi vehicles. 


Steps to program a key fob on an Audi:

  1. Start by rolling down one of the windows.
  2. Use a spare key to turn the ignition "on" position. All the dashboard lights come on, don't start the car.
  3. Get out of the car and close all the doors.
  4. With a second key, lock the doors using the metal key. Important: DO NOT USE REMOTE
  5. Use the remote that you need to be programmed to unlock the doors. Only press the unlock button once. Hint: Your lights should flash once at this point.
  6. Wait 10 seconds and press the unlock button again. This time, the doors will unlock. Your Audi key is programmed.
  7. If you need to program other keys, lock the Audi door manually. Use the metal key, not the keyfob, to lock the doors.
  8. Press the unlock button twice within one second. The lights will flash twice.
  9. Wait for ten seconds and press the unlock button again. Your Audi doors should open, and your second key is programmed.
  10. Once you program all the keys, remove the key from the ignition to exit program mode and test the keyfobs.

Hint: If you have a third key, repeat steps 7 through 9. Step 8, make sure to press the unlock button three times if you are programming a third key fob.


You need to be careful when performing this procedure because you may erase the other keys stored in the memory by programming a new key. Follow the following steps to program a new Audi key and retain all of the keys programmed.

  1. Press the unlock button on your key fob and hold it.
  2. While you hold the unlock button pressed, insert the key into ignition position II.
  3. Continue to hold the unlock button pressed for three seconds and then remove it. Your keyfob should be programmed now.