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This guide provides instructions on how to recharge the BMW Air Conditioner (AC) with refrigerant. 

Recharging the BMW AC system with refrigerant will not restore your A/C if there is a leak in the A/C system. 

Table of Contents



Symptoms you may notice when your car's air conditioner is low on refrigerant. 

  •     Hot air blowing from air vents
  •     A/C clutch doesn't engage

Before you start

  • Always follow instructions that came with the A/C Recharge Kit. 
  • A/C pressure will be in the high range when the engine is turned off. This is normal.

What you will need


With the engine running, recharge the A/C system until the reading falls within 45 and 55 psi. Make sure to follow the instructions on the back of the A/C recharge kit carefully.


  1. Start the engine and let it idle. air conditioning recharge bmw instructions

  2. Ensure vehicle is in Park.

  3. With the engine running, turn on the air conditioner system on your car. Set the temperature to MIN and blower fan speed to MAX. Make sure the A/C button is pressed or is switched ON. recharge ac bmw

  4. Open Hood. Pull the hood release under the dashboard twice. Secure the hood in the up position. Ensure the hood does not fall down on you while you are charging your BMW with x5 ac recharge

  5. Locate the low-pressure air conditioner charging port. Remove the cap from the A/C charging port.location of ac port bmw 5 series 525 530 545 520 535 e60 m5

  6. Connect the a/c recharge kit to the low-pressure line. With the engine running, take a reading and ensure the refrigerant pressure is low zone. connect ac bmw 5 series

  7. Connect the A/C recharge kit, start the car. With the A/C recharge kit connected, read the gauge. Continue to the next if the A/C pressure reading is low.
  8. Once you reach the recommended pressure level, stop adding refrigerant to your BMW 5-Series AC.

Overcharging a BMW 5-Series A/C with refrigerant does not make the air blow colder air and can cause damage to the air conditioner system.

If your BMW blows hot air but no cold air, it may be an indication that the A/C system is low on refrigerant. Even though other problems can cause a BMW to stop blowing cold air, low refrigerant is often the problem.

If your A/C works for a few days then stops blowing cold air, it is usually an indication of a large refrigerant leak. 

Frequently Asked Questions

BMW AC blows cold on one side. 

  • The most common problem is the vent actuator in vehicles with dual-zone A/C. They can get stuck in one position and do not switch when you change the temperature. In vehicles that use duo-valves, they can also get stuck, in which case, half of the car blows hot air, and the other blows cold air.

AC blows cold when driving, hot when idling. 

  • The cooling fan for the condenser may not be working.

The air conditioner blows cold air but not very hard. 

  • The blower fan may be defective.

AC blows cold at idle but hot when driving. 

  • AC may be low on freon. Also, check the low-pressure switch. If defective, it can prevent the compressor from operating.