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This guide provides instructions on how to restore faded BMW headlights. 

Table of Contents

Are you tired of faded BMW headlights? There is nothing more embarrassing than driving a luxury vehicle with oxidized, cloudy, and hazy headlights.

What you will need

  • Headlight Restoration Kit
    • bmw headlight restoration kit 3mA headlight restoration kit will contain several sanding discs such as 500 grit, 800 grit, 3000 grid, rubbing compound, and applicator pads.
  • Power drill
    • diy bmw headlightsYour power drill needs to have a speed in the 1200-1600 rpm range. The drill can be cordless or corded. It doesn't matter as long as it has the recommended rpm. Variable speed drills can be tricky to use as you can't easily control the speed.
  • Painter's Masking Tape
    • masking tape to protect bmw headlight during diy restore projectUse masking tape to protect your car's paint and trim. It is easy to remove and won't damage your paint. Electrical tape is another alternative. It comes off easily, and the sanding discs can't cut through it easily.


  1. Park the BMW on level ground, preferably outside.  restore bmw headlights


  2. Use masking tape to cover the body panels around the headlight restoration diy
  3. Attach the pad holder to your drill, then attach the 500 grit sanding disk.headlight restoration kit for bmw
  4. Place the drill flat on the headlight lens and turn on the drill. You don't need to apply much pressure on the headlight. Slowly move the drill over the BMW headlight to remove the haze. Go over the foggy BMW headlight covers/lens several times. At this point, the BMW may look even more hazy and foggy. Clean the BMW headlight with a cloth to remove the dust and inspect it periodically. Your BMW headlight lens should have an evenly white look. This step is very critical if you want your BMW headlight lens to look new in the e60 headlight lens restoration
  5. Remove the 500 grit disk and install the 800 grit disc. Follow the same procedure as in the previous step to remove haze from your BMW headlight. Sand the headlight with 800 grit for at least five minutes.fix restore bmw headlights that look hazy cloudy grey dim ugly oxidized
  6. When you are finished with the 800 grit disc, reuse them but this time apply water to the headlight. Use 800 grit disc and water to clean your BMW headlight for at least five high pressure headlight cleaning system
  7. Next, remove the 800 grit disc and install the 3000 or 1000 pads. Apply water to the disc and the headlight lens. Clean the headlight for at least five minutes. You should see a white milky residual. Repeat this step several times until you no longer see the white residual. During this procedure, make sure to constantly spray water to the headlight.clean bmw headlight cleaner diy e60 e38 e39 x5 e90 e36 e46 e34 x3
  8. Remove the previous disc and mount the foam pad on the drill. Apply a small amount of the rubbing compound to the foam pad. Without turning the drill on, rub the pad on the headlight several times, then turn the drill bmw foggy headlights yourself e46 e39 3 5 6 7 series
  9. Polish your BMW lens with the rubbing compound. If you still notice any scratches, you may want to reapply the 3000 pads.
  10. Remove the tape and clean the area around the headlight.
  11. Enjoy your "new" and clean BMW headlight.


restored bmw headlight before  and after

Check out the results of the restored BMW headlight. The driver-side headlight has been restored while the passenger headlight on this BMW is still hazy, foggy, cloudy, and ugly.

We hope that you found these instructions on how to restore BMW headlights helpful. Get rid of the foggy, hazy, fading BMW headlights without having to replace the headlights. Restoring the headlights requires a simple headlight restoration kit.

Follow this guide to learn how to restore BMW headlights yourself, at home. These easy-to-follow instructions can restore the headlights on any BMW, including 1-series, 3-series, 5-series, 7-series, X1, X3, X6, Z3, and Z4.


  • Note that if your BMW bumper or fender were poorly painted, the tape might pull out the paint when it is removed. For this reason, we recommend that you use painter's masking tape. Make sure to apply two strips of tape, or the sanding disks may cut through the tape and damage your BMW's paint.
  • Not only do fading BMW headlights look ugly, but they also reduce the low beam light output making it harder to see at night. You can even fail state safety inspection in some states.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best way to restore foggy BMW headlights?
    • The best way to restore those ugly BMW hazy headlights is to use sandpaper to remove the oxidized layers from the headlight lens. We start with 500 grit sandpaper. This step removes all the oxidation from the BMW headlight. Next, we use 800 grit sandpaper, which removes the scratches. After that, we use either a 1000 grid or 3000 grid discs to make the lens look nice and clean. In the end, we apply to paste to make BMW headlights look like new again. This method works best and lasts for years compared to other methods where the only paste is applied. Don't waste time with methods such as using toothpaste or coke to restore the headlight; such methods won't last. If you are looking to permanently restore your BMW headlights, use the method described here.
  • Will the BMW headlights turn foggy again?
    • Not for several years. If you removed all of the oxidation from the headlight, it could take years for it to come back again.
Restore Fogged BMW Headlights This guide provides instructions on how to restore faded BMW headlights.