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This guide provides instructions on how to start Kia engine using your key fob. These instructions will only work if your Kia has a remote engine start option installed. 

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Here is how to start a Kia using your keyfob:

  1. Press the lock button and trunk on the keyfob and hold.
    • Alternatively, try the lock button and panic button. 
  2. Your Kia engine should start.
  3. Once you enter your Kia, make sure to insert the key in the ignition and press the brake pedal within thirty seconds.

This procedure will not work if the vehicle is not equipped with a remote engine start. 

Your car will not unlock until you use your key fob to unlock it. If a thief breaks into your car and they try to press the brakes in order to move the shifter into Drive, the car will turn off automatically.

To use an OEM Kia remote key fob, you will need to synchronize the remote start keyfob with the car key fob. Once you do this, then you can start the car with either keyfob. Typically the remote starter keyfob will provide a better range than the keyless entry distance for the remote engine start feature.