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This guide provides instructions on how to adjust the driving settings on a Tesla. 

Table of Contents

On a Tesla, you can adjust various driving parameters such as: 

  • Acceleration 
    • Chill, Standard
  • Steering Mode
    • Comfort, Standard, Sport
  • Regenerative Braking
    • Low, Standard
  • Stopping Mode
    • Creep, Roll, Hold


tesla driving modes acceleration chill standard steering mode comfort sport regen brakes low stopping creep roll hold

The following instructions will allow you to enter various Tesla settings including Chill mode, Sport steering, Regenerative Braking, and Stopping Mode. 

  1. Go to the settings menu.
  2. Select "Driving"
  3. Adjust acceleration, steering weight, regen braking, and stopping mode to suit your preferences.

You're done!

What is Tesla Chill Mode? 

Chill Mode is a Tesla feature that reduces the car's power and improves range. Since Tesla vehicles have so much torque and can accelerate so quickly, there can be times when owners don't want that power.

You can choose between a 'Normal' option, which allows you to accelerate the Tesla right away, and a 'Chill' option, which will enable you to slowly accelerate from a full stop, or even a moving stop. Chill mode improves range. 

Ludicrous and Insane modes are available on some Tesla vehicles.

What are Tesla Sport and Comfort steering modes? 

Sport Mode tightens the steering and makes it more performance-oriented, improving handling and control at higher speeds.

Comfort Mode provides a lighter steering feel by lowering the steering resistance, making turning at low speed and tight conditions much easier to handle.

What is Tesla regenerative braking? 

Regenerative braking (also known as regen) is the process of converting the vehicle's kinetic energy into chemical energy that is stored in the battery and then used to drive the vehicle. It's called braking because it slows the car down.

Using the settings shown above, you can reduce the effect, but you can't turn it off.

The amount of energy returned to the battery through regenerative braking varies depending on the state of the battery and the charge level environment. If the battery is already fully charged or the ambient temperature is too cold, regenerative braking can be restricted.

What are Tesla's stopping modes? 

Creep mode is a great feature if you live or drive in a hilly area where you often stop at a light or stop sign. It helps to keep the car from rolling forward or backward on a slope.

If HOLD mode is selected, after decelerating to a low speed, the vehicle continues to use regenerative braking and applies Vehicle Hold after coming to a complete stop.

Tesla Acceleration, Steering, Regen, Stopping Mode Settings This guide provides instructions on how to adjust the driving settings on a Tesla.