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The front hood or frunk on the Tesla only opens a little when you open it. A simple upgrade is to replace the hood lift struts, which allows the frunk to open up on its own completely when you press open on the touchscreen or your Tesla app. 

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Replacing the frunk struts on a Tesla is very easy and takes less than thirty minutes. 

What you will need


  1. Press OPEN on the touchscreen to open the hood, frunk. open tesla hood frunk to upgrade frunk hood


  2. Go to the front of the vehicle and lift up the hood. open tesla hood frunk upgrade lift support


  3. Locate one of the hood supports at each rear corner of the hood. 
  4. Have a helper keep the hood up in the open position. 
  5. Use a flathead screwdriver to push the C clip away from the ball and joint connector. tesla frunk strut
  6. Pull the hood support away from the joint. 
  7. Repeat the procedure for the lower connection. hood strut tesla upgrade frunk


  8. Install the new frunk struts in reverse order. 
  9. Repeat the same steps for the hood strut on the other side. Teslas have two hood supports. 

Replacing the hood lift supports is very.  

The original struts can also wear out after several years, which can lead to the hood not staying up when it is closed. 

Upgrade Tesla Frunk Lift Supports

Many Tesla owners like the frunk to open up on its own. Installing hood struts 6304 ( Strut 4 6304 21217) allows the frunk to open up on its own. This part number is meant for Jeep Grand Cherokee, but many Tesla owners use it successfully for the hood. 

One thing to keep in mind is that if you install upgraded status that opens the frunk automatically, closing the hood will require a little more force. Also, the hood may buckle up slightly, but it will be unnoticeable. 

Enjoy your Tesla frunk opening all the way without you having to touch or lift it up. 

Evannex is an independent company that also makes lift supports for Tesla, which allows the frunk and trunk to open automatically.