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This guide provides instructions on how to adjust the where is the steering wheel on a Tesla Model 3. 

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  1. On the touch screens, select the car icon at the left lower corner. WHere to adjust mirrors on tsla model 3


  2. Under quick controls, scroll down to adjustments. You will see the icon for the steering wheel and the mirrors.
  3. Select Mirrors or Steering Wheel depending on which one you want to adjust. 
  4. Use the scroll buttons on the steering wheel to move it up and down, left and right. Here you can also turn on and off mirror Auto Tilt and Auto Fold functions. Tesla mirror adjust


What does Mirror Auto Tilt mean on a Tesla? 

Mirror auto-tilt on a Tesla means the mirrors will tilt down when you put the car in reverse to back up. Once the car is moved back to Drive or Neutral, the mirrors move back to normal position. This helps with parking so that you can see your rear wheels better. 

How to make Tesla mirrors close/fold? 

The mirror auto fold on a Telsa allows the mirrors to close when you lock the vehicle. Here is how to enable or disable the mirror auto fold feature on a Tesla. 

  1. Select the car icon on the touchscreen. 
  2. Select quick controls on the left menu. 
  3. Scroll down to Mirror settings and select it. 
  4. A new popup comes up that allows you to use the left steering wheel controls to adjust your side mirrors. 
  5. Scroll down to the bottom and turn on Mirror Auto Fold by selecting it. To disable, uncheck the box.