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This guide provides steps on how to replace the sway bar link on Tesla Model 3.

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  What you will need


Replacing the sway bar links on a Tesla is very easy and takes about thirty minutes for each link. There is a sway bar link for each front wheel. Here is how to change the sway bar links on a Tesla. 

  1. Park the Tesla on level ground. Parked Tesla Model 3


  2. While the vehicle is still on the ground, loosen the lug nuts but do not remove them yet. Loosen Tesla lug nuts


  3. Jack up the vehicle and secure it with jack stands. Jack up Tesla


  4. Remove the wheel from the vehicle. Removed Tesla Wheel


  5. Locate the sway bar link. Tesla Model 3 Sway Bar Link


  6. Remove the upper nut of the sway bar link.Tesla sway bar link bolt 
  7. Disconnect the sway bar link from the strut. Disconnect Tesla Sway Bar Link

    If needed, push down on the sway bar link to remove to disconect. 

    push down on sway bar link
  8. Remove the lower nut of the sway bar link and disconnect it from the sway bar (torsion bar, stabilizer link). Lower sway bar link


  9. Remove the sway bar link from the vehicle. 
  10. Install the new sway bar link in reverse order. Install Tesla sway bar link


  11. Visit an alignment shop to get the front wheels aligned. 

The sway links may also be called torsion bar links or stabilizer links.