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This guide will be showing you how to adjust the software update settings on a Tesla.

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How do you install a Tesla software update?

Once a software update is available, tap the yellow clock icon at the top of the icon. You can select from three ways to install a software update.

  1. Click the icon on the bottom left of the screen.
  2. Scroll all the way down until you see "Software Update Preference."
  3. Select "Standard" or "Advanced".

Schedule Update

Tap on the yellow icon to display the scheduling window. Select a time to schedule the software update. After you set a scheduled time to install the update, the yellow clock icon will change to a white icon until the update starts. At any time before the update, you can tap the clock icon to change the time of the update.

Tesla Updates won't Install 

If the updates fail or take over an hour to complete, it could be software issues.

A possible fix is to performing a Touchscreen reboot.

Hold your foot down on the brake while holding the two scroll wheel buttons (around twenty seconds) on the steering wheel until the Tesla ‘T’ appears on the touchscreen.

If the touchscreen reboot does not work, perform a vehicle reboot. 

  1. Go to 'Controls' > 'E-Brake and Power Off' > or for Model 3 go to  'Settings' > 'Safety and Security' >
  2. 'Power off and confirm.'
  3. Tap the brake pedal.

System restart should only be performed in extreme cases after you confirm the system is not responding. Restarting the system while updates are in progress can lead to corrupted software. 

Do you need Wi-Fi to update Tesla software? 

No. Tesla software updates can be received over-the-air software updates.

How do I check if my Telsa needs an update? 

You can check if your Tesla needs a software update by going to the ‘Software’ tab on your Touchscreen.

Tap 'Controls' > 'Software.’ If you see “Checking for updates..” your Tesla is checking for new updates.

If a new update is available, you’ll notice a notification on your center touchscreen display. Even though you can install the update immediately, we recommend scheduling a later update when WiFi is available.

If your Tesla does not need an update, you will note a message saying, “Your car software is up to date.”

What are over-the-air software updates?

Over-the-air software updates install the latest software to operate your vehicle. These can be safety updates, features, and options. 

Where can I find information on the latest Tesla software updates?

Press the Tesla T symbol on the touchscreen, then scrolls down to Release Notes. 

How can I check the current Tesla software version?

  1. Press the T logo at the top of the touchscreen. 
  2. Look for the installed software version number at the left bottom section of the screen. 

When do software updates become available?

Software updates occur frequently but have no set schedule. Tesla updates become available as soon as Tesla publishes them.

Can I drive a Tesla during a software update?

No. For safety reasons, you can not drive a Tesla while installing updates. You may want to schedule the updates to happen at a later time. 

Can I install updates on a Tesla while charging/

No. You can not charge a Tesla and install updates at the same time. If you start to install a software update, the car is charging, the charging process will stop, and the car will start software update. Charing restarts once the software update is completed. 

Tesla Model 3 Install Software Update This guide will be showing you how to adjust the software update settings on a Tesla.