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The following instructions explain how to manually open a Jaguar that won't unlock because it has a dead battery or a faulty key fob.

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How to open Jaguar with a dead battery

  1. Remove the emergency key from the keyfob. 
  2. Insert the emergency key in the small hole under the driver's door handle. Remove the key tumbler cover on the driver's door. 
  3. Insert the key in the keyhole and turn it to unlock the car. how to open door on a jaguar with dead battery


How to open a trunk on a Jaguar with a dead battery? 

Use this method to manually unlock the trunk on a Jaguar.

  1. Remove the emergency metal key from the key fob. 
  2. Insert the metal in the key tumbler right next to the license plate light. 
  3. Turn the key. 
  4. Press the trunk release and lift the trunk. 

See the owner's manual on how to jump-start your Jaguar. Even though some Jaguars have the battery in the trunk, you may have to use the jump-start terminal in the engine bay to jump-start the car. 

How to open a Jaguar trunk if you have unlocked doors but a dead battery? 

how to manually open jaguar trunk

This method only works on Jaguar vehicles that have the battery in the engine bay or have a jump start terminal in the engine bay. 

The idea is that you will power up the vehicle then use the trunk release to open the trunk. 

  1. Pull the hood release under the dashboard. 
  2. Go to the front of the vehicle and release the hood. Lift the hood and make sure it stays open. 
  3. Locate the positive (+) on the batter or the jump start terminal. 
  4. Connect the red clamp of a jump starter to the positive (+) terminal. 
  5. Connect the black clamp of a jump starter to an unpainted bolt on the frame. Don't connect it to the negative battery terminal. 
  6. Turn on the jump starter. 
  7. Locate the trunk, release, and open the trunk. 

If the battery in your Jaguar has died or the keyfob remote will no longer work, you will need to unlock the door or trunk manually.

Here you will find step-by-step instructions on how to unlock a Jaguar with a dead battery. If your Jaguar has no power, use this method to open the trunk and jump-start the battery in the trunk.


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