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This guide provides instructions on how to remove a Volvo headrest.

Volvo headrests in most models can not be adjusted. To adjust the headrest, you adjust the seat itself forward, back, and tilt until comfortable. This is the Volvo way to adjust the headrest. 

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how to adjust remove volvo headrest

  1. To remove the headrest, you'll need to get in the back seat of your Volvo.
  2. Once you're behind the headrest, you want to find two points on the seat back that are about 5-6 inches from the top of the seat and are directly below the headrest's supporting posts. 
  3. You'll feel two dents that you can push in and hear a click. While pushing both of the dents in, pull up on the headrest with the other hand or have someone else do it.
  4. This will allow you to pull the headrest out of the seat. Without pushing these dents in, you won't be able to move the headrest.

If you want to adjust the headrest position, this is a little bit more difficult because most Volvo headrests aren't adjustable.

This is a safety feature on Volvos because it helps prevent whiplash or other injuries in an accident.

If the headrest location is uncomfortable for you, you can adjust it a little bit by reclining the seatback or raising the seat cushion.

Other than that, there isn't a way to really adjust the headrest's height other than removing it altogether.