Launch Creader Hands On Review VIII CRP129 X431

Launch Creader is a powerful Level II OBD-II scanner that allows you to diagnose the following systems on 50+ vehicle brands. It is also sold as model X431 CRP129 or , VII+ or VIII. LAUNCH CRP129 is a must-have diagnosis tool for DIYers who work on multiple cars. It can diagnose the following systems: 

  1. Transmission: Tests the Automatic Transmission (AT) which is a type of motor vehicle transmission that can automatically change gear ratios as the vehicle moves, freeing the driver from having to shift gears manually. 
  2. Engine: Determine the cause of Check Engine Light, and turn off the warning light.
  3. SRS: Retrieves and clears codes in Supplemental Restraint System (SRS), and turn off the warning light.
  4. ABS: Performs various bi-directional tests to check the operating conditions of Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), and turn off the warning light.

It is one of the cheapest OBD-II scanners out there that can read and clear codes from the transmission control module. Many of the scanners in this price range allow you to access ECU/Airbag/ABS but not the transmission. Unless you have a scanner that is for a specific make. But the advantage of Launch Creader VIII is that it is not for just one particular make. It works on almost all vehicles including Asian, European and American cars. 

Launch Creader VII CRP123 vs VIII CRP129

The main advanatege of the CRP129 over CRP123 is that it offeres a few extra features such as:

  • Steering angle calibration
  • Oil maintenance reset (where applicable)
  • Electronic Parking Brake EPB Reset

Download: Launch Creader VIII Owners Manual

Functions of the CRP129

  • Check Engine Light Reset 
  • Multiple car models (Over 40 prevalent models from Asia, America & Europe)
  • Record, save and playback up to 8 hours of live data
  • I/M readiness test
  • Enhanced data stream for ABS, SRS, transmission & engine.
  • Malfunction lamp status
  • Read vehicle information (VIN, CIN and CVN)
  • O2 (Lambda) sensor test
  • Auto-vehicle ID, Auto Module Search & ultra-fast protocol ID
  • EVAP system test
  • View live diagnostic data in graph or data format
  • View multiple data streams at the same time
  • View freeze frame data
  • Read current, pending and permanent DTC’s
  • Clear DTC's
  • Support DTCs help, data stream wave display,
  • Internet updateable
  • Enhanced help function
  • Print data via PC
  • Brake Reset (EPB)
  • Oil Lamp Reset
  • Steering Angle Reset

Vehicle List

Asia Car Models:

  • Suzuki,
  • Honda,
  • Mitsubishi,
  • Nissan,
  • Toyota,
  • Mazda,
  • Daweoo,
  • Hyundai,
  • Kia,
  • Subaru,
  • Infiniti,
  • Lexus,
  • Accura,
  • Isuzu 

USA Car Models:

  • Ford,
  • EU-Ford,
  • GM,
  • Chrysler 
  • Dodge

European Car Models:

  • Mini,
  • Vauxhall,
  • Dacia,
  • Alfa-Romeo,
  • Lancia,
  • Peugeot,
  • Renault,
  • Citroen,
  • Benz,
  • BMW,
  • VW,
  • Opel,
  • Volvo,
  • Fiat,
  • Landrover,
  • Porsche,
  • Seat,
  • Skoda,
  • Audi,
  • Saab,
  • Sprinter,
  • Jaguar.

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