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How to check engine oil level Mitsubishi vehicles

In this guide, you will learn how to check the engine oil level on Mitsubishi vehicles such as Outlander, Mirage, Lancer, Eclipse and other models.

You should check your Mitsubishi engine oil level immediately if the oil warning light stays or you get "Check oil level" message on the dashboard.


  1. Park your Mitsubishi on level ground. 
  2. Turn off the engine and wait at least 10 minutes. mitsubishi engine turned off
  3. Pull the hood release under the dashboard. Open the hood. Locate the oil dipstick. open mitsubishi lancer outlander hood to check engine oil level


  4. Remove the dipstick and wipe it clean. clean mitsubishi engien oil dipstick


  5. Reinsert the oil dipstick making sure it is pushed all the way in. Wait a few seconds. reinsert mitsubishi engine oil dipstick


  6. Remove the oil dipstick and note the current oil level. The level should be between the min and max marks on the dipstick. correct mitsubishi engine oil level


  7. If the level is below the min mark, add engine oil to bring the engine oil level between the max and min marks. 

Check your Mitsubishi engine oil level on a monthly basis. If the level is low add the recommend Mitsubishi engine oil type printed on the oil cap and your owners manual. 

Oil light warning

If the oil light on your Mitsubishi is staying on, stop the car immediately and check the engine oil level. If the level is below the min add engine oil. 

Do not continue to drive your Mitsubishi if the oil light remains on.

How often should I add eninge oil

In a low mileage Mitsubishi car or SUV you should not have to add engine oil until your next oil change. 

On high mileage Mitsubishi vehicles you typically have to add 1 qt of oil between oil changes.