Volvo Control Units Module Names

Volvo Control Units Module Names

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Below is the list of Volvo abbreviations and module names.


Volvo Control units

  • ABS Anti-Block System
  • ADM Additive Dosing Module
  • AEM Accessory-Electronic Module
  • AFM AM FM Module
  • ATM Antenna Module
  • AUD Audio Module
  • AUM Audio Module
  • BCM Brake Control Module
  • CCM Climate Control Module
  • CEM Central Electronic Module
  • CPM Combustion Preheater Module
  • DDM Driver Door Module
  • DEM Differential Electronic Module
  • DIM Driver Information Module
  • ECM Engine Control Module
  • EPS Electrical Power Steering Module
  • GPS Global Positioning System Module
  • ICM Infotainment Control Module
  • KVM Keyless Vehicle Module
  • MMM Multi-Media Module
  • MPM Mediaplayer
  • MP1 Media Player 1 (Minidisc)
  • MP2 Media Player 2 (CD)
  • PAM Parking Assistance Module
  • PDM Passenger Door Module
  • PHM Phone Module
  • PSM Power Seat Module
  • REM Rear Electronic Module
  • RTI Road Traffic Information
  • SAS Steering Angle Sensor
  • SRS Supplementary Restraint System
  • SUB Subwoofer
  • SUM Suspension Module
  • SWM Steering Wheel Module
  • TCM Transmission Control Module
  • TMC Traffic Channel Module
  • TRM Trailer Module
  • UEM Upper Electronic Module
  • Shortenings
  • A/C Air Conditioning
  • ACM Alternator Control Module
  • AP Accelerator Pedal
  • AQS Air Quality Sensor
  • BSC Body Cluster Stability Sensor
  • CAC Charge Air Cooler
  • CMP Camshaft Position Sensor
  • CP Canister Purge
  • CPM Combustion Preheater Module
  • DSTC Dynamic Stability Traction Control
  • DTC Diagnostic Trouble Code
  • ECT Engine Coolant Temperature
  • EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation
  • ETM Electronic Throttle Module
  • EVAP Evaporative Emission System
  • FC Engine Cooling Fan
  • FP Fuel Pump
  • GDL Gas Discharge Lamp Module
  • GSM Gear Selector Module
  • HO2S Heated Oxygen Sensor
  • IAT Intake Air Temperature
  • KD Kick Down
  • KS Knock Sensor
  • LCM Left Camera Module
  • LSM Light Switch Module
  • MAF Mass Air Flow
  • MAP Manifold Absolute Pressure
  • MIL Malfunction Indicator Lamp
  • OWS Occupant Weight Sensor
  • RCM Right Camera Module
  • RPM Engine Speed
  • RSM Rain Sensor Module
  • SCL Steering Column Lock Module
  • SCM Siren Control Module
  • SCU Start Control Module
  • SRI Service Reminder Indicator
  • SRL Service Reminder Lamp
  • SIPS Side Impact Protection System
  • TC Turbo Charger
  • TWC Three-way Catalytic Converter
  • VNT Variable Nozzle Turbo
  • VSS Vehicle Speed Sensor
  • WMM Wiper Motor Module


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