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By YOUCANIC on Feb 25, 2019

Top 10 Audi Accessories, Upgrades, MODS

If you are a proud Audi owner, it is natural to wonder about cool Audi accessories and modifications. 

In this guide, we are going to list several Audi accessories and upgrades that hopefully help you get some fresh ideas. This list can also be used to find the perfect gift for an owner who is addicted to their Audi. 

Let's get started

Black Matte Audi Trunk Emblem

audi logo upgrade

Check Price: Audi Matte Black Rear Trunk Emblem

If you are looking for a simple modification, consider changing the chrome Audi logo to a custom matte black design. This subtle change can make a massive difference without screaming for attention. This is a simple Audi DIY project. You will need to remove the original logo and stick the new logo on the trunk. In less than 15 minutes, you will have a new and unique rear end.

Audi Carbon Fiber Console MMI Upgrade

audi center console mmi upgrade

This Audi Carbon Fiber Console Cover upgrade for Audi owners allows you to quickly take the interior a step up. A carbon fiber frame installs on the Multi Media Interface (MMI) screen. You don't need to remove anything from the car. Just peel the tape off the back of the frame and stick on the dashboard. This got to be one of the easiest Audi upgrades. 

Audi Key Fob Cover

audi key fob accesories

An Audi Key Fob Cover is not an upgrade but a must-have accessory. Not only will a case make your Audi keys look unique but most importantly you can protect them. 

A new Audi key costs around $300-$350 plus $140 to program it to your car. It simply makes sense to spend $20 on Audi key fob remote cover, doesn't it? The Audi key fob cover shown above is not your only option. There are lots of Audi key fob designs available. 

Audi Keychain Accessory / Gift Idea

audi gift accessories idea list

If you are looking for a unique keychain, you may like the Audi BV Leather Keychain shown above. An Audi keychain will make it easy for you to find or not lose your key. If you are not in love with the keychain design shown above, take a look at these Audi Keychain  designs. 

LED Audi Logo Emblem

audi led upgrade

There is nothing that can make your Audi stand out at night more than a lit up front logo. If you are looking for an Audi DIY project this upgrade is worth considering. Note that you will need to remove the stock grill and you will also need to feed 12 volts to the Audi logo. For more details and user reviews take a look at the product items Audi LED Grill Logo

Audi Door Sill LED Upgrade

audi upgrades led door sill

Audi door sills are not lit up. The only cars where you will find lit up door sills is on the top of the line Audi models and high-end luxury vehicles. The good news is that you can buy Audi LED Door Sill and install it yourself in less than 30 minutes. Even if your Audi is 10 year old.

LED Headlight Bulbs

If your Audi has HID for the low beam, then you are set and should skip this upgrade. If your Audi has halogen light bulbs, pay attention.

Installing LED light bulb for your low beam can make a huge difference. Not only on the way your Audi looks with the headlights on, but LED lights can be up to two times brighter than halogen. Installing Audi LED light bulbs is easily a DIY project. Be careful when buying LED light bulbs. Many LED kits are not as bright as they claim. Also, make sure that the bulbs can mount on Audi headlight assembly.

Audi Project Headlights + LED DRL Lamps 

audi led headlight upgrade

Well if you have a little more to spend, you may want to consider installing projector headlights. Not only do projector headlights look cool, but there are units that have LED strips installed inside the headlight.

If you are trying to make your 3 or 5-year-old Audi, look the same as the current models, this is an upgrade worth considering. Headlights are available for various Audi models including A3, A4, A6, Q3, Q5 and TT. Take a look at these listings of Audi Projector Headlights LED.

Audi Front Grill Upgrade

audi front grill upgrade

If you are on a quest to drastically change the look of your Audi, a new front grill can help you with that. Audi front grills come in all designs and colors. You can go with Audi Euro black honeycomb front grill design or full black front Audi front grill.

There is also the Badgeless Audi Front Grill if you want to not have a logo. Honestly, there are too many front grills to list here. 

Audi Turbo Upgrade

audi turbo upgrade

If you are looking for a performance upgrade your best bet would be to install or upgrade the turbo. A larger turbo such as Audi JDM Turbo can give you up to 30 HP more over the stock turbo. Many aftermarket Audi turbos are larger but still are a simple bolt-on solution. 

Front Bumper Lip Spoiler Mod

audi front bumper lip

If you are looking for a dramatic Audi upgrade, you can do that by installing a bumper lip. Audi front bumper lips are cheap and easy to install. In most cases, they come unpainted. Just take them to any auto body paint shop, tell them your Audi paint code and they will be able to paint them to match the color of your car.

The tricky part of bumper lips is that they need to be painted. As far as getting them installed, it is very easy. Even though some bumper lips come with double-sided tape always secure them with screws. Otherwise, as soon as you scratch a curb they will come off. 

Stainless steel exhaust tips

audi led exhaust tip

Exhaust tips are easy to install and a relatively cheap upgrade that any Audi owner can install. The LED exhaust tip can change the rear look of your Audi making it look more aggressive without breaking the bank.

Universal exhaust tips can be installed on Audi vehicles but make sure the inlet diameter of the exhaust tip matches that of your Audi and there is enough room on the rear bumper for the new exhaust tip. 

Audi Car Door Logo 

audi accessory door led projector

Another one of our favorite upgrades are the Audi LED door projector lights. They are very easy to mount on the doors. In most cases, you can install them in less than 10 minutes.

Remove the stock door lights using a small flat head screwdriver. Plug in and press the new LED door lights in place. Every time you or your passenger open the door, they will see the Audi logo on the ground. 



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