2007-13 Mercedes S/CL Class W221 Air Strut Replacement

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to replace 2007 through 2013 Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W221) and CL-Class (W216) airmatic suspension air strut. A problem many Mercedes-Benz S-Class and CL-Class is the air strut failing which causes the vehicle to drop at the corner where the strut fails. To fix this problem you will need to replace the failed air strut. 


  • Front suspension strut failed
  • Front left or right corner lowers itself when parked
  • One side lower than the other
  • Car sagging or lower in one corner

What you will need

Mercedes S Class Air Strut

used vs new mercedes airmatic air strut compare

Note that the front air struts are different for the rear wheel drive models versus the 4Matic models. The air strut on 4Matic models has a ball joint at the bottom where it connects to the lower control arm. While the non-4matic (rear wheel drive models) the strut has a hole at the bottom and a set screw is used. 

4MATIC MODELS -Front Air Struts for S-Class / CL-Class

RWD MODELS - Front Air Struts for S-Class / CL-Class without 4Matic

Tools Needed

  • Vehicle Jack
  • Jack Stands
  • Toolset
  • Front End Service Kit
    • Will be needed for pressing ball joints. 
    • Do not use FORK type because the ball joint protective boots may get damaged. 


Below you will find instructions on how to replace front airmatic suspension on 2007 to 2013 Mercedes-Benz S Class vehicles. 

  1. Park your Mercedes-Benz, set the parking brakes, shifter in park and remove the key from the ignition.  Before you jack up the car, loosen the lug nuts. w221 air strut replacement


  2. Jack up the car and secure it with jack stands
  3. Remove the air line to the top of the air strut. Use a 12mm open end wrench to loosen the nut. Loosen the nut slowly and allow it to leak the air before you fully disconnect the line. Once the nut is unscrewed, you remove the air line by pulling it out. s550 air strut replacement cl550


  4. Remove three 13 mm nuts that connect the strut to the strut tower. We recommend that the last nut you loosen up, you don't remove compltly until you are ready to remove the air strut and replace it. remove 3 bolts and replace mercedes s class air strut yourself w221 s600 s550 s350


  5. Disconnect the upper control arm. Remove the 17mm bolt. Next use a ball joint puller to separate the two. disconnect upper control arm to replace w221 air strut


  6. Disconnect the electrical plug for your S-Class air suspension strut and ABS line. Pull up the small C clip then pull out the connector. disconnect airmatic strut wire


  7. Remove the nut (4matic) or the set screw (non-4matic / rwd only). 
  8. Now you are ready to replace airmatic strut on Mercedes S-Class. Install the new S-Class air strut in reverse order. install new mercedes airmatic strut


  9. Torque the bolts on top of the strut, upper control arm and lower control arm. 
  10. Lower vehicle slowly. Dropping the car to the ground too quick, risks damage to the airmatic strut. 

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