2010-18 Mazda 5 Brake Light Bulb Replacement

Learn how to replace the brake light bulb on a Mazda 5. Replaceing the brake light on a Mazda 5 is very easy and take only less than 20 minutes. 

What you will need

Parts Required

Tools Needed

  • Screwdriver

How to change Mazda5 brake light bulb

Turn off ignition, set parking brakes

Open trunk

how to change brake light bulb on Mazda 5

Remove tail light assembley

Remove brake light bulb from tail light

Reinstall the tail light

Mazda 5 brake light bulb replacement


  • If you replace the brake light and you find out that the brake lights still don't work check fuse number 22 in the fuse box. It will be market as STOP and will be a 10 Ampere fuse. 

As you can see from the video series in this guide, replacing the brake light bulb on Mazda5 vans is quite simple and can be completed at home. 

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