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By YOUCANIC on Nov 29, 2018

Acura ABS Light ON Troubleshooting GUIDE

If the ABS light stays on in your ACURA it means that the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is NOT working. A fault code is stored in the ABS module and retrieving the code will help you find out why the light is on.

When your ACURA ABS light stays on it may take longer to bring the car to a complete stop especially on slippery roads. Diagnosing ACURA ABS can be performed by the dealer, auto mechanic. You can also read Acura ABS codes yourself, using a Level 2 OBD-II Scanner.  



  • ABS Light Stays ON
  • Wheels may lock and slide when braking
  • Longer stopping distance
  • VSA - Traction control and stability lights stay ON

What you will need

A Level 2 OBD2 scanner is required to read Acura ABS fault codes. Basic OBD2 scanners also known as code readers can not read ABS codes. A couple of popular scanners that work on most Acuras for reading the ABS light are Launch Creader Scanner or Foxwell NT510 for Honda


Step 1

Park your ACURA in a safe area where you are allowed to work.


Step 2

Locate OBD-2 port under the dashboard.


Step 3

Plug OBD-2 scanner into the OBD2 port of your ACURA

acura abs diagnostic port


Step 4

Turn on the ignition. All ACURA dashboard lights should turn on but do not start the engine.

If your ACURA has START/STOP button, press it twice without pressing on the brake pedal.


acura press start to diagnose abs light


Step 5

Allow your ACURA OBD-2 scanner to connect to the Engine Control Unit (ECU). This may take a few seconds.


Step 6

Select ACURA from the menu. Manually select the Anti-lock Brake System menu.


Step 7

Using the Level2 OBD-II Scanner that works for your car, read codes from the ABS module.

Step 8

Once you fix the problem that was discovered in the previous step come back to the ABS menu and clear ACURA ABS codes.




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