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Acura Open Hood

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to open the hood on any Acura car. 

Acura Open Hood



  1. Open the driver's door. If the car battery is dead, you will need to remove the metal key from your key fob and open the door manually. See the video below for more details. 
  2. Pull the hood release under the dash. The hood release is located under the dashboard on the driver's side—the location of the hood release in Acura TL.acura hood release location


  3. Here is the location of the hood release on a 2016 Acura TLX, which may apply to many other models. The hood release is below the fuel and trunk open button shown in this picture.
  4. Open the hood of your Acura. If your Acura has a hood prop rod, place it in the correct location. Most Acura's have hood lifts to help keep the hood in the up position.

This guide provides instruction on how to open the hood on Acura vehicles, including the TL, CL, RL, TSX, RDS, ILX, TLX, RLX, MDX, and ZDX.

Opening the hood on an Acura is very easy and takes only a couple of minutes. The hood release is located under the dashboard on the driver side, to the left of your gas and brake pedal.



I Pull the release side the car fine. I cannot get the hood open. Do I push the lever,under the hood, pull it? I have tried everything but can't get the hood to release on my Acura CL.

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