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By YOUCANIC on Feb 5, 2019

Acura Replacement Keys Cost

Have you lost the keys to your Acura or are you looking for a spare key? In this article, you will find instruction on how to order Acura keys. 

If you need keys for a newer Acura that has smart proximity key you can order the key directly from the dealer. Typical cost for the newer Acura key ranges between $300 and $560 plus tax. Call any Acura dealer with your VIN to get an accurate quote.  

If you have lost all the keys to your Acura, in most cases, you will need to change the immobilizer and ignition switch. The cost to replace the immobilizer, for example, ranges between $700-$900 plus the value of the key. 

How to Order Acura Key

Step 1

Have the Acura VIN ready. Your Acura VIN is printed on your registration, insurance card, title or lower right corner of the windshield.  Locate the closest Acura dealer near you and call to verify the price of the new key. Check if you need to have the car present at the dealer when you order the key. 

Step 2

Head over to your Acura dealer with the following information:

  1. All existing Acura keys (if you have any)
  2. Two forms of ID. Here are a few examples of acceptable IDs.
    • Driver License
    • Government ID
    • Identification Card
    • Passport
  3. Original Acura title or registration
  4. Payment for the new key. 

You must be the registered owner of the vehicle to order a replacement key for your Acura. If you are not the owner of Acura, you need a Power of Attorney signed by the original owner.

Step 3

When you order the new key, the parts department will tell you if they have it in stock. Most Acura dealers have Master Key 1 in stock, but may not always have Key 2 available. If they don't have the spare key available, they will have to order it which takes about three to four days on average. 

Once the dealership gets the key, they will call you so that you can go pick it up. When you pick up the key, you MAY need to bring your car to the Acura dealer.  This requirement depends on the model. The new key may need to be programmed to start the car. Otherwise, the new key will lock/unlock the car, but will not be able to start it. 

An alternative method of making Acura keys

Another alternative to making Acura keys is to find a locksmith that has a key tool such as SBB Key Programmer. This device allows you to program new Acura keys via the OBD2 port. 

Other features of SBB key programmer include deactivating of keys no longer in your possession and programming new remote controls. Check model and year compatibility; not all models are covered. 

A specialized locksmith will help you out duplicating an Acura key. Locksmith services appear as the best solution when trying to order Acura key for older cars without a working key

The cost is pretty affordable and certainly justifiable. A locksmith may not be able to duplicate Acura keys if your car is new or only a few years old.



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Jeremy utter, 2019-03-24

Have. 1991acura Integra RS lost keys cars at my mom's need to get new key.

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