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By YOUCANIC on Nov 29, 2018

Aftermarket Kia Logo Badge Emblems

Are you looking for a unique KIA logo on your car? Check out the list of Top 5 Kia K logos.

The broken K Kia logo is used in the Asian market and is also known as the Kia 3D K logo.

These Kia K badges will fit Kia vehicles such as Kia Optima, Sorento, Cadenza, Forte, Sportage, Sorento and other models. Use an aftermarket Kia K emblem set to replace the boring looking "KIA" badge on your steering wheel, front, rear trunk and even wheels.

Kia Logo Badge Designs 

Kia 3D K Logo Emblem

New 3D black carbon K logo badge emblem for KIA? replace stock

Check Price: Kia 3D Logo Emblem

Change the look of your Kia with this 3D K logo emblem. This is one of the most popular Kia K designs that Kia owners use to replace the stock Kia badge.

At a minimum, you should get the 3 piece kit so that you can change the front, trunk and steering wheel badge. If you also want to change the Kia emblems on the wheels check out Amazon listing that have all 7 pieces. 

Kia K Carbon Fiber Black Edition Emblem

kia logo emblem badge broken k 3d 3.0 kiaCheck Price: Kia Carbon Fiber Emblem

Check out the carbon fiber black edition of Kia 3D K logo. You can easily replace the steering wheel, front, rear and wheel Kia badges on your Soul, Optima, Forte, Sedona.

Just make sure you order the correct pages for your specific Kia model. 

Kia Logo - K Badge RED

kia k logo sorento optima sedona forte rio replace stock logo

Check Price: Kia Red Logo

the Kia K logo in Red. Would look cool on a Black, White or Red Kia. Can be used to replace the front grill, trunk and steering wheel Kia badge. 

Kia Logo - K Emblem BLUE

3D K Logo Emblem 2ea Grill+Rear Trunk For Kia 2011-2013 Optima / K5Check Price: Kia Blue Emblem

You can also get the Kia K logo in Blue. An excellent choice if you love the color blue. It can be installed on Blue or White Kia vehicles or even on Black.

This is still a 3D K logo. You can choose between a chrome or a black broken K color. The blue K logo also comes with a carbon fiber & black trim if that is what you like. 

Kia K Logo White

3D K Logo Emblem Carbon Fiber & Black Edition Set 3pc Front + Rear + Mini Sticker

Check Price: Kia Broken K Logo

The last design of the broken K logo is with a white background. Definitely worth considering if you have a white or black car.

White may look good on other Kia car colors. Use this Kia emblem to replace front, rear Kia badges. Easy to install. 

Kia Logo Badge Sizes

  • Front: 110mm X 56mm
  • Rear: 129mm X 65mm
  • Mini Sticker: 18mm
  • Wheel Center Cap: 18 mm

*These sizes may vary between Optima, Forte, Sedona, Sorento, Rio and other Kia models. Verify fitment before you buy your Kia logo set.  

Installing Kia Logo 

Installing new Kia K badges is very easy. Each sticker comes with 3M tape on the back. Pay close attention so that you don't install the emblem upside down.

The front hood and trunk badges are held in place with glue. Warming the badges slightly with an electric heat gun will make removing the Kia badge easier.

Make sure to keep the heat gun on the lowest setting or you could damage the car paint. 

Use residue removal product to remove the leftover adhesive.  Goo Gone Cleaner works very well. 

To install the Kia K badge on the steering wheel you will need to remove the stock Kia badge. Use a flat screwdriver to pry off the OEM Kia badge from the steering wheel. Once the old Kia badge is removed the new Kia K emblem can be easily installed. 

Avoid washing your Kia for at least a day after you install the emblem and don't allow any water or rain to get to the emblems. 

Kia K logo Origin

Kia can be defined as "rising out of Asia. Kia uses two logo designs. The text version used in the US & international marked and the broken K logo used in in South Korea. If you would like to learn more about the Kia badge read this article: Behind the Badge: Kia's Korean Logo is so much cooler. 

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