Audi Q5 Sunroof Water Leak Problem

Owner's of Audi Q5 may notice water in the headliner or the headliner starting to sag due to water damage. The water drainage system in Audi A5 model years 2011-2017 may fail.


This can cause the headliner on Audi Q5 to sag. You may notice a visible water leak from the roof. Unfortunately, water may get in the curtain airbags.

Over time corrosion can cause the curtain airbag canister to fail. It has been reported that in some cases the canister may fracture and cause metal fragments to fall into the driver or passenger.

What to do? 

It is recommended that you don't use the second-row seats if you notice water leaking from the sunroof or until you check if your Q5 is affected by this recall. 

What to check?

Check the panoramic sunroof drain lines. If the lines are blocked, clean them. To inspect the drainage system you will need to remove the headliner. Inspect head curtain airbags canisters for water damage or corrosion. 


If you are an Audi Q5 owner you may have received a recall notice about this problem. If you notice water on your Audi Q5 headliner, contact your dealer ASAP. Call your Audi dealer and ask if your Q5 is affected by this problem. If it is the dealer will fix this problem free of charge.

If your Audi Q5 is part of the recall your Audi dealer will perform the repair free of charge. Audi issued a recall to address this problem. The recall number is 69P1 - Head Curtain Airbag Canister. 


  1. Owner Notification Letter
  2. Instructions and TSB
  3. Defect Notice 573 Report



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