BMW Clock Spring Replacement, Problems, Cost, DIY

how to replace bmw clock spring

In this guide, you will learn how to replace BMW clock spring (also referred to as spiral cable). A faulty BMW clock spring is common and causes the airbag light to come on.

Replacing the clock spring on a BMW is a fairly easy job that most DIYers can accomplish on their driveway. Be aware that you may need to reset the steering angle sensor which requires a BMW specific diagnostic scanner. To learn more about clock spring and how they work read this article.


Before you get started


  • BMW Airbag Light On,
  • Horn doesn't work
  • BMW steering wheel buttons don't work,
  • Paddle¬†shifter not working,
  • Fault Code: Driver squib circuit open or high resistance,
    • Code B1049 and B1054

What you will need




  1. Park you BMW and set the wheels straight. Engage the parking brakes. bmw clock spring repair


  2. Disconnect BMW battery. The battery is located in the trunk area on most BMWs. including 3, 5, 6 X1, X3, X5 series. 

  3. Remove BMW airbag and steering wheel from the steering column. On the back of the steering wheel, you will notice one or two access holes.

    remove bmw airbag

    Inset a rod and press on the spring to release the airbag. 

    bmw clock spring replacement removal
  4. Next, remove the steering wheel center bolt.

    bmw e36 clock spring  bmw e46 clock spring

    If you need help with this step follow this guide on How to remove airbag and steering wheel on a BMW. Mark the steering column and the steering wheel before you remove the steering wheel. 

  5. Remove BMW steering wheel from the steering column. 

  6. Remove Torx bolts in order to remove the clock spring from the SZL module. 

    bmw airbag clock spring removal diy
  7. Use a small screwdriver to unlock BMW steering wheel clock spring from the SZL module. 

  8. Install new BMW clock spring. 

    repair bmw clock spring bmw e36 steering wheel clock spring


  9. Reconnect the steering wheel, airbag, battery and start the car. 

    bmw steering wheel clock spring

    Watch video on how to perform this step. 

  10. Clear SZL fault codes and carry out steering angle sensor calibration using a BMW scan tool.

    bmw steering angle sensor calibration





  • Do not use¬†test equipment such as multimeters to check SRS circuits unless directed by the Shop Repair¬†Manual. Doing so can deploy airbags.
  • Always turn ignition switch OFF, disconnect the battery negative terminal and wait at least 3 minutes before you start working on the airbag¬†system.
  • Handle airbag module carefully. Place airbag¬†with the pad side facing upward and always stay two feet away from the airbag.
  • When installing a clock spring (spiral cable) it needs to be¬†the neutral position since its rotations are limited.¬†
  • Don't rotate the clock spring after you remove the steering wheel. If the ABS or Traction Control Light turn on, you may need to reset the steering angle sensor using a Steering Angle Sensor Reset Tool.
  • Rember to read fault codes from the SRS control unit and clear codes¬†after replacing airbag components. You may need a Level 2 OBD2 Scanner to clear airbag codes.¬†


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  4. E46 Clock Spring Repair


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