BMW Navigation Keeps Rebooting

BMW CCC failure causes navigation to keep rebooting. 

In most cases, the CCC needs to be replaced or repaired. Until you get the CCC repaired try this temporary fix.

Basically, when you get in the car, don't start it up right away but allow the Navigation to power up first. 

Temporary Fix

  1. Get inside the car
  2. Turn on ignition to position II. All dash lights turn on. 
  3. Allow at least 5 seconds for the Navigation to get all the juice from the battery. 
  4. Now start the car and hope that the navigation turns on. It may take a couple of restarts but it normally starts. 

When you start the car as soon as you turn the ignition on, there is a huge current draw from the battery that goes to the starter. This draw put the CCC in a rebooting loop. By allowing the CCC to power up first you have a better chance of getting it to turn on. 

CCC Permanent Fix

To fix the Navigation problem at the dealer you will spend anywhere between $1000 and $1600 in average.

A cheaper fix would be to use companies that specialize on BMW CCC Repair. Send them your CCC, they will fix it and send it back. 



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