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Troubleshoot BMW SZM Centre Console Switch Cluster

In this guide, we take a look at how to read fault codes from BMW SZM module using an OBD-II diagnostic scanner.

One of the functions of the center console switch cluster (SZM)  is to adjust the steering column. 

What is BMW SZM switch? 

Centre console switch cluster (SZM).

Steering column adjustment is on the left-hand side of the steering column.

SZM is BMW term for Centre Console Switch Cluster. When the driver adjusts the steering column signal is sent to the steering column switch cluster (SZL) which control the steering column motor.

If your BMW SZM module fails you may notice that you can no longer adjust the steering wheel. 

Diagnose BMW SZM switch problems

If you are experiencing problems a good starting point is to read fault codes from the SZM module.

What you will need

For this step, you will need a diagnostic scanner that is capable of reading, clearing codes from BMW SZM module. 


These are general instructions and may vary depending on the diagnostic scanner model that you use to diagnose BMWs.

  1. Plugin the OBD-II scanner into the diagnostic port under the dashboard. diagnose bmw SZM fault code via obd2 port


  2. Turn on the ignition, don't start the engine. turn on bmw ignition to read SZM fault codes


  3. Turn on the scanner and select your BMW chassis.  Next, Select Control Units menu. bmw SZM control unit module reading codes


  4. Select the SZM Module.bmw control unit list
  5. Once you enter the SZM module, you will be able to do the following. 
    • Read Codes from SZM Module
    • Clear Codes from SZM Module
    • Perform Adaptations, Activations, Tests

If any code is showing PRESENT status the problem needs to be fixed before the code can be cleared. 

Note that the SZM is connected to the IHR/IHKR/IHKA control unit via a 14-pin connector. 

When purchasing a BMW scanner, verify that the supports your BMW model and year.

Full system scanners that are known to work on BMW vehicles can range in price from $150 to $800 USD. To learn about OBD2 scanners that work on BMWs check the article on Choosing a scanner for diagnosing BMW vehicles. 

By YOUCANIC on Sep 10, 2019


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