BMW Wiper Switch Replacement DIY

BMW Wiper Switch Replacement DIY

In this guide, you will learn how to replace the wiper switch on a BMW. If the wipers on your BMW have stopped working, first you need to check the fuse and the wiper motor. Next, you need to read BMW fault codes, to make sure that the problem is not the SZL module.

If your BMW wipers still don't work, there is a good chance that the wiper switch itself is the culprit. This video series shows you how to replace the wiper switch on a BMW. 


For this DIY, you will need a breaker bar, torx set and basic tools. 

Step 1

Disconnect the battery negative terminal.

Step 2

Remove airbag from driver's steering wheel.

Step 3

Remove steering wheel.

Step 4

Pull up the steering column trim.

replace bmw wiper switch

Step 5

Remove wiper switch from the steering column switch unit. There are two T20 torx bolts that hold the wiper switch in place. Once the bolts are removed you can pull out the wiper switch and unplug it. 

bmw wiper switch removal diy guide

Install a new BMW wiper switch in reverse order. Note that if you moved or rotated the clock spring you may need to calibrate the steering angle sensor. Follow this guide to learn more about BMW steering angle sensor and calibration procedure.



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