Cadillac VIN Locations

Are you wondering where to find the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on your Cadillac? One quick way to find the VIN number on any Cadillac including models such as ATS, CTS, XTS, CT6, XT5, Escalade, SRX, DTS, STS, BLS, XLR is to look at the bottom of the windshield on the driver side

Cadillac VIN can be found in the following locations.

  • Trunk. Look for the VIN number in the trunk area and under the spare tire. 
  • Engine Compartment. Open the hood and look for the VIN number on the frame. 
  • Registration, title or insurance card. 
cadillac vin number location

You should also have a VIN number printed on the driver's door jam or the  B pillar.

cadillac vin number example location




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