How to change engine oil on Mazda 2.5L Engine

How to change engine oil on Mazda 2.5L Engine

In this guide, you will learn how to replace the engine oil and oil filter on Mazda 2.5-liter DOHC 16-valve 4-cylinder with variable valve timing (VVT) engine.

This is known as the L-series engine and it is found on several models including:

  • 2008-2012 Mazda 6 / Atenza
  • 2009 Mazda Tribute
  • 2010-2018 Mazda 3
  • 2010-2018 Mazda 5Ā 

What you will need


Jack up vehicle

Drive your Mazda over onto the ramps. Place the car in park and set the parking brakes. Secure the vehilceĀ with jack stands.Ā 

Remove engine splash shield

Remove the plastic shield under the engine of your Mazda. It is held in place with several 10 mm bolts.Ā 

how to change engine oil on Mazda 5

Locate oil drain plug

Here is a close-up picture of oil drain plug on a Mazda 2.5 liter engine. You will need a 17 mm wrench to remove it.

diy oil change Mazda 5 instructions

Drain Oil

Remove oil drain plug. Allow the old oil to drain.

Replace drain plug washer

Replace the drain plug washer if you have one. If you don't you may get away without any oil leaks reusing the ld washer a couple of times.Ā Reinstall the oil drain plug.

Install drain plug

Reinstall the drain plug on your Mazda.

Locate engine oil filter Mazda 5

Find the motor filter on your Mazda. Use a filter wrench to remove the oil filter.

Replace the oil filter

Remove the old oil filter. Install the new filter on your Mazda. Tighten it by hand.

Locate oil filler cap

Locate the oil filler on your Mazda 5.

mamo add correct oil type

Add engine oil

Add the recommended engine oil. Check the oil level after you add 80% of the capacity. Don't overfill the engine with oil.



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