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How to change Ford key fob battery - All models

This article provides instructions on how to change the battery on Ford key fob remotes.

Scroll down until you see the video on your particular Ford key fob. Battery size and step-by-step instructions can be found below each video. 

To change the battery in this Ford key you will need two CR2025 batteries and a flathead screwdriver. This key fob is used in models such as Ford Fusion, Mustang, F-150 from 2013 to 2018.

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ford key fob battery replacement


  1. Turn the remote over and on the rear of the remote press the release button.
  2. Remove the plastic cover from the remote. Place the back cover to the side. You will not see the batteries yet. 
  3. Insert a flat screwdriver into the slot and twist it to open up the remote. You should be able to pry the two parts of the keyfob. 
  4. Now you should be able to see the two coin cell batteries. 
  5. Remove the first battery. Underneath it you will see a white piece of paper. Remove the paper and pull out the bottom battery as well. 
  6. Change both batteries. Use a flat screwdriver to pop out the batteries. 
  7. Slide in two new CR2025 batteries. Make sure that the negative (-) side is facing you. 
  8. Install the emergency metal key back in place.
  9. Align the two parts with each other and press them together. The two halves should snap together as shown in the video above.
  10. Test the Ford key fob remote by standing outside the car and pressing "Lock" or "Unlock" buttons. 



For this Ford key fob, you will need one CR2032 battery. To learn how to change the battery in this Ford key fob watch the video or follow the instructions below. 

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  1. Flip the key on the back side and note the release switch. 
  2. Press the release switch and slide out the metal key with your fingernail. 
  3. Use the metal key to pry away the back cover. 
  4. Note the battery on the back cover. Use a flathead screwdriver to pry out the old battery. 
  5. Install the new battery with the positive (+) symbol facing the back cover.
  6. Align the back cover on the key fob and press it on. 
  7. Slide the metal key in the key fob and test the key fob operation. 



To change the battery in this Ford key you will need a CR2032 battery. Watch the video or follow the instructions below for more help. 

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  1. Use a flat head screwdriver to pry apart the cover with Ford logo.
  2. Use the screwdriver to pry out the battery. 
  3. Install a new CR2032 battery with the positive side facing you. 
  4. Align the two halves of the key and press them together until they close. 


These instructions apply to many models such as Ford cars and trucks.

These instructions are helpful for owners of Ford and Lincoln vehicles such as the Focus, Fiesta, C-Max, Mustang, Escape, Transit Connect, Edge, Flex, Explorer, Expedition, Taurus, F-150, EcoSport, MKC, MKZ, MKS, MKX, MKT, and the Navigator.


Gerald herche, 2017-04-07

Does the paper go back between batteries? Does the fist battery in go with - down and the second with - up?

Visitor, 2017-04-08

The Negative (-) should face you, while the Possitive (+) faces the back cover. Both batteries go same direction. Therefore the - of the first battery should be touching the back of the second on the + side. The paper goes back the same as before.

TriGuy, 2019-01-21

That's incorrect. Many of these 2 battery Ford fob's have the batteries going in opposite each other. Follow the orientation on the paper, which does show opposite orientation between top and bottom, with paper between the two batteries.

Sharlette Madison, 2018-04-08

Should I have to replace the battery on a 2017 Ford 3 months into 2018? I expected maybe every 3 years. Is there something I could be doing that drained it this quickly?

I've had the same problem and, although I drive little (only 3700 miles in the 9 months since I bought it), the notifications began about 3 months in and it finally gave up last week.

I thought that it could be due to having left the spare in the console for convenience in moving it around my "driveway/yard" and the less than 3 minute trip to my sister's house (where, of course, is where it died late at night and I'd accidentally left the other at home, haha?).

Did you by any chance do something similar? Maybe we just received some from an old/defective batch.

Mkmueller, 2019-05-25

The Ford dealer told me when I bought my 2016 f150 not to leave the key fob in or close to the vehicle when not in use because it is constantly communicating with the vehicle and will wear out the batteries prematurely

dvh, 2018-05-08

For the 2015 mustang I had to put the paper back in between, bottom battery facing positive up, top battery negative up (like the picture on the paper shows)

Suzette Kimball, 2019-03-01

Trying to change batteries.. Batteries inserted as directed. NOW, can't snap battery cover and back cover on. Yes, i did watch the video. Any ideas.

Troy , 2019-10-21

My 2016 Ford Explorer Manual lists the wrong battery for Key Fob.

The large maintenance manual states the Key Fob battery is a CR2032. But the batteries in the Key Fob are actually CR2025.

A 2032 battery is .7mm thicker than a 2025! So, when you change batteries, it not possible to reassemble the key Fob plastic halves with the thicker battery.

This mistake in the Ford Manual cost me several hours and a I also had to repurchase the correct batteries.

RonB, 2019-11-08

I have a 2017 Explorer. Battery died on my fob and when tried to start the car got the "No key detected message". Fortunately I had seen that there is a solution to this. Open the console between the front seats. At the very front of the console is a "U" shaped fitting. Slide your key fob in there and you will be able to start and drive your car. Can't see this fitting but it is there. Just remember that the fob still won't work until you replace the batteries so if you go somewhere, don't exit the car and lock the door.

By YOUCANIC on Aug 15, 2019


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