How to change Volvo Engine Oil Yourself

In this guide, you will find instructions on how to change the engine oil on Volvo cars and SUVs. Instructions in this guide will help you change the engine oil on Volvo XC70, V70, S60, S40, V40, V50, XC60, XC90, S60, S70, S80, C30. 

What you will need

Parts Required


  1. Drive your Volvo up on car ramps
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  2. Place the car in Park, and apply the emergency brakes. put volvo in park ready to change engine oil


  3. Secure the vehicle with jack stands, placed under the lifting points or a structural member.
  4. Open the hood by pulling the hood release under the dash.
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  5. Under the hood, locate the oil filler cap.where to add volvo engien oilvolvo oil filler cap
  6. Rotate the cap counter-clockwise to remove it. removed volvo oil cap ready to change oil


  7. If your Volvo has a splash shield, remove it. It is held in place with several 10mm bolts. 
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  8. Locate the 13mm oil drain plug and place the drain pan below it. volvo oil drain plugRemove the oil drain plug by turning it counter-clockwise.
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  9. Locate the engine oil filter. VOLVO OIL FILTER LOCATION


  10. Remove the oil filter using oil filter pliers
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  11. Prior to installing a new oil filter, apply a small amount of oil on the oil filter gasket ring. Torque oil filter to 25 Nm.
  12. Replace the copper ring on the oil drain plug.  
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  13. When all of the oil has drained, reinstall the oil drain plug. Torque the drain plug to 35 Nm. 
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  14. Add 5 L oil through at oil fillter hole. Be careful not to over-fill the engine with oil. where to add volvo engine oil


  15. Wait for several minutes before checking the oil level using a dipstick. Add more oil to bring the level between Min and Max marks of the dipstick.check volvo engine oil level


  16. Replace the oil filer cap, and check if any tools are left inside the engine bay. 
  17. Start the engine and check if the ‘oil pressure’ light goes off within five oil light on 
  18. Turn off the engine, and recheck the oil level. Add more oil if needed.
  19. Inspect for oil leaks.

Oil Change Interval

12000 km / 7500 miles

You may be wondering how often you need to change the engine oil on a Volvo. Recommend Volvo engine oil change interval is 7500 miles. This range may vary depending on the engine and oil type.  

Conventional Oil

  • Every 3000 miles

Semi-synthetic / Synthetic Blend

  • Every 5000 miles

Full Synthetic 

  • Every 7500 miles

Oil Capacity

Engine Code Volume (liters) Viscosity
B8444S – 4.4 V8 Approx. 6.7 SAE 5W-30
B6324S – 3.2 238hp (2007) Approx. 7.7 SAE 5W-30
B6324S – 3.2 238hp (2008 on) Approx. 7.4 SAE 5W-30
B6324S5 – 3.2 243hp Approx. 6.8 SAE 5W-30
B6304S – 2.9 200 hp Approx. 6.6 SAE 5W-30
B6294S – 2.9 200 hp Approx. 6.6 SAE 5W-30
B6294T – 2.9 T6 272 hp Approx. 6.6 SAE 5W-30
B6284T – 2.8 T6 272 hp Approx. 6.6 SAE 5W-30
B5244S – 2.4i 170 hp Approx. 5.8 SAE 5W-30
B5244S6 Approx. 5.8 SAE 5W-30
B5244T4 – 2.4 T5 260 hp Approx. 5.8 SAE 5W-30
B5244T5 – 2.4 T5 260 hp Approx. 5.8 SAE 5W-30
B5254T2 – 2.5T 210 hp Approx. 5.8 SAE 5W-30
B5254T3 Approx. 5.8 SAE 5W-30
B5254T4 – R – 2.5 T 300 hp Approx. 5.5 SAE 5W-30


Check your owners manual to get the recommended oil change interval for your Volvo. 

Torque Specifications 

  • Oil filter - 25 Nm
  • Drain bolt - 35 Nm


What to do with old oil?

  • Transfer the oil from drain pan to a canister that can be sealed.
  • Drain the oil filter cartrige into the same canister. 
  • Find a designated collection site in your area. Autozone, Advance Auto Parts accept used oil. 


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