How to check for blown fuses

Checking the fuses in a car is a very easy task. If you are looking for an easy way to check fuses, follow the instructions in this tutorial to learn how to check fuses in a car. There are several ways to check fuses in a car including using a test light or a voltmeter. Instead, we will show you how to check for blown car fuses simply by removing and inspecting them. 

How to check fuses in a car

Turn off the vehicle

Turn off vehicle and locate the fuses. Fuse boxes may also be found in the trunk. Usually, you will have to remove the lining to get to this fuse box, or it could be next to the spare tire.  Lastly, you may also have a fuse box under the rear seat or on the driver's side of the dashboard. The easiest way to find out how many fuse boxes your car has is to look in the owner's manual. All car manufacturers will have instructions on where the fuse boxes are located for your particular make and model

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Fuse locations

Most cars have at least two fuse boxes. The most common location where car manufacturers install fuse panels is on the driver's side of the dashboard. This fuse box is either on the side of the dash or under the dash. Right above the brake pedal in some cases. how to check blown car fuses yourself

The second fuse box, which is also called the main fuse box is located in the engine bay. You will need to open the hood to access this fuse box. 

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Disconnect battery

We need to cut the power since you will be removing fuses from the fuse box. At a minimum, you should turn off the ignition and remove the key. It is recommended to disconnect the negative battery termnial  if you will be doing any testing or pulling all the fuses from the fuse panel. 


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Identifying the bad fuse

Let's say you know which fuse you are looking for. For example, the radio has stopped working, then you need to locate the fuse for the radio. If your cigarette lighter / 12-volt output has stopped working then you should be looking for the cigarette fuse. 

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To identify the location of the bad fuse, you need to look at the fuse to check fuses without a multimeter The fuse chart is usually printed on the back of the fuse box cover, it may be a letter inserted in the fuse box or some car manufacturers will include the fuse chart in the owner's manual. 

Remove fuse

Use the fuse puller that is in the fuse box to remove the fuse. Yes there is a fuse puller in the fuse box. It is typically white and can be used to remove fuses from the car. It is specifically designed to help you check the fuses in a car. If you can't find it or the previous owner lost the fuse puller use needle pliers to remove the fuse. You will only pull the fuse out, it's that simple. how do I check car fuses

Check fuse 

Now we need to check to see if the fuse is bad. Once you remove the fuse, you will be able to look at the wire inside the fuse. If the wire is disconnected that means you have a bad fuse. If the wire is unbroken and makes contact with both fuse post then the fuse is good. 

 Replace bad fuse

Once you identify the bad fuse you need to replace it. Always replace fuses with the same ampere rating. The ampere rating is also shown in the fuse chart. Don't install a fuse that has higher ampere rating. This can lead to damage of electronic components in your vehicle and possibly even fires in some cases. 

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