Chrysler Crossfire Trunk Won't Stay Up Lift Strut Replacement

If your Chrysler Crossfire trunk won't stay up or drops when open, it is time to change the trunk struts. These are gas filled lifts that leak or wear as they age and fail to support the trunk lid.

Replacing Crossfire trunk lift supports (also struts, shocks), is easy and takes less about fifteen minutes. Replacement Crossfire struts can be purchased online for under $30. 

What you will need


  1. Park your Crossfire
  2. Open the trunk
  3. Locate the left trunk support
  4. Use a flat screwdriver to push the C clip away from the ball joint
  5. Do the same for the other end
  6. Remove the worn trunk strut 
  7. Install new Crossfire trunk struts
  8. Move the C clips down to lock them in place


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