Ford F150 Change Instrument Cluster Language

In this guide,  you will find instructions on how to change the language on a Ford F-150's console display.





  1. Navigate to the settings menu using the down button on the left side of the steering wheel, then press Ok.nav-to-settings
  2. You may choose from the Settings sub-menu.Settings-menu
  3. Use the down arrow to navigate to the Advanced Settings menu, then press ok. This will show you items for Advanced Settings.advance-settings
  4. In the Advanced Setting menu, navigate to Display Setup, then press ok.advanced-settings2
  5. In Display setup, choose Language, then press ok.choose-language
  6. You can now choose between 3 available languages in the menu. English, French or Spanish. choose-language
  7. Once you made a choice, press ok to save the settings.

Ford Instrument cluster displays vital information about your car; It also indicates due maintenance.  


Ford F150 Change Instrument Cluster Language