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Foxwell NT510 BMW Battery Registration

In this video, you will learn how to use Foxwell scanner to perform BMW battery registration and coding. The scanner that we are using is Foxwell NT510, but it has the BMW software loaded on the memory. 

What we used


Note that as of December 2018 Foxwell NT510 is able to register a new BMW battery. It is not able to code a battery that has different specs or is a different type. It is possible that future updates to Foxwell NT510 will allow battery coding as well. 

  1. Plug your BMW scan tool into the OBD2 port under the dashboard. In this case, we are using Foxwell for BMW, but you can use some other scan tools for BMW
  2. Turn ignition on, the key to position II. Do not start your car. foxwell nt510 bmw


  3. Select BMW. Scan for VIN. It will automatically look up the VIN number. Once VIN is found press OK. scan tool to register bmw battery


  4. Scroll down to the Body menu 4. program bmw batter foxwell nt510


  5. Scroll down to Power Supply (Battery) and press Enter. power supply register bmw battery


  6. Select option 2 for Battery registration. register bmw battery change


  7. In the next screen, you can perform the following. 
    1. Register new battery. Battery replacement is the same as the original. 


  • Some users are experiencing difficulty coding a new battery with Foxwell NT510.
  • Update your Foxwell scanner online to the latest software version.
  • Do not unplug the scanner during the battery registration process
  • Do not turn off the ignition during the battery programming. 

By YOUCANIC on May 6, 2019


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