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Best OBD2 Scan Tool for Honda and Acura

In this article, we take a look at a few of the best OBD2 scanners for Honda and Acura vehicles.

The goal is to share our knowledge, hands-on experience, and research to help you choose the best scanner to diagnose Honda and Acura problems. 

Best OBD2 Scan Tool for Honda and Acura


1. Foxwell NT510 Multi-System Scan Tool

Foxwell NT510 for Honda can read, clear, and display live sensor data from all the modules on Honda and Accura vehicles. You will be able to read codes, see descriptions, and clear fault codes from any module, including engine, transmission, ABS, airbag, and others. 

When you purchase a Foxwell NT510, make sure you are ordering the Honda version. Otherwise, you will only be able to diagnose the check engine light. You can get this scanner with car brands such as BMW, Chrysler, Fiat, Hyundai, Toyota, and VW.

Foxwell NT510 scanner provides multi-system diagnostics for Honda/Accura cars. This is a great scanner for Honda Accord, Civic, etc. The main drawback is that it does not offer a bi-directional function, which means you won't test any sensors.

It will only work on 1996 and newer Honda and Acura vehicles.


  • Coverage: All system coverage (Engine, Transmission, ABS, Airbag, etc.)
  • Show live sensors data in text and graph format.
  • Actuate sensors, run system tests, program control modules.
  • Can perform coding and programming of control modules.
  • Works on GM Car, Trucks, SUV from 1996 to present.
  • Can reset oil reminder and Service Lights.
  • Multiple Language Support

2. Launch Creader 

Launch Creader VII+ is a great OBD2 scanner for Honda, considering the price and functionality. Besides scanning the ABS and SRS, it can diagnose transmission problems, which most scanners in the $100 price range can not perform.

The Launch Creader supports over 20 car models, not just Honda and Acura. This is one of the best alternatives for looking for a scan tool that will work on your other cars.


  • Coverage: Engine, ABS, SRS/Airbag, Transmission.
  • Covers Asian, European and Domestic makes.
  • DTC reading and clearing displays.
  • Oxygen sensor and carbon canister testing.
  • Data Stream Graphic
  • EOBD/ OBD 2 Scanner

It supports OBD-II, Honda, and Acura protocols, whose coverage includes dynamical, body, chassis, ABS, SRS, and anti-theft.

3. Autel All System Scanner

Autel Maxisys

The Autel Maxisys is the perfect choice to diagnose Honda and Acura cars. It provides capabilities similar to the OEM Honda scan tool, including bi-directional function. It is ideal for Honda experts. If you would like a scanner that can perform in-depth diagnostic with similar capabilities to the dealer scanner, the Autel Maxisys is your choice. A less expensive alternative is the Autel Maxicom, which covers all systems but does not provide a bi-directional function. 

This diagnostic scanner works on over 50 makes, including Toyota, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, VW, Hyundai, and more.

4. OEM Scanner - Honda HDS

best honda scanner

If you have had your car diagnosed by a Honda dealership, you probably heard the term HDS scanner.  HDS stands for Honda Diagnostic System. It is a laptop-based scanner used at Honda dealers to diagnose and troubleshoot car problems.

To use HDS, you will need a Modular Vehicle Communications Interface (MVCI), which allows the dealer to flash, program, and calibrate any control unit on Honda and Acura cars. The HDS can scan Honda and Acura cars only. It is compatible with Hondas all the way back to the early 1990s.

You can view the Service Bulletin published by Honda if you would like to check vehicle coverage. Honda IDS diagnostic scanner gives complete access to all the systems on Honda/Acura vehicles, including the immobilizer system.

Honda HDS / MVCI requires calibration files for flashing control units. The beautiful thing about the Honda scanner is that the files are downloaded into the MVCI device to don't need internet access if you have to carry a re-flashing procedure.1

What is Honda GNA600?

The GNA600 is a vehicle interface device that can scan the systems in Honda and Acura vehicles. The GNA600 serves similar functions provided by Honda Interface Module (HIM) but provides additional capabilities such as program mileage, program smart keys, reset airbag, etc.

The Honda Diagnostic Software (HDS) with Modular Vehicle Communications Interface (MVCI) requires a software license that costs over $1,000 per year, making it unsuitable for Honda and Acura car owners. Therefore, here are the top alternatives for those who still like to perform some in-depth troubleshooting.


For the home mechanics, Honda enthusiasts, and most DIYers, the best OBD2 scanner for Honda and Accura vehicles is the Foxwell NT510 Honda Scanner. You will be able to read, clear, and view sensor data from all the systems. 

For Honda experts, the best professional diagnostic scanner is the Autel Maxisys Diagnostic Tool with bi-directional functionality. It offers similar functionality to the OEM Honda Scanner and Snap-On Solus. 



I'd like to add some information on the Honda GNA600. It really is a good little scanner to use. It supports up to 30 languages, including Russian, Slovenian and Greek! So it can be used almost anywhere in the world. Of course, you do need a laptop for the best analysis and a $1,000 software. So yea, it's not feasible for homeowners but it can the perfect machine for garage owners.

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