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By YOUCANIC on Apr 13, 2019

How to install BMW Grill 3 Color M Decal Stripe

One of the most common BMW modifications is installing the 3 color stripes on the front kidney grill. The BMW M decal colors are light blue, dark blue and red. To be perfectly correct the dark blue stripe should actually be a dark violet but in most cases a dark blue stripe is used.  The three stripes are part of the BMW ///M logo. 

What you will need

  • BMW Grill Color Stripes

    • May also be referred to as BMW Grill Decal, Colored BMW Grille Decals, Grill Strip, Grill Bars, Buckles, Grill Decor, Light Blue Violet Red Grill, BMW Grill Stripes. 


Installation is very simple. Press each one of the inserts into the grill. Stay away from the tape or stripes that stick on the grill. They come off easily and won't last.

  1. First, install the red color stripe. It should be on the driver side, closest to the headlight. bmw /// m grill colors light blue violet red stripes decals inserts installtion


  2. Next, install the dark blue or the violet stripe. This will be between the light blue and red stripe. bmw m 3 color grille sticker installtion wandkings grille stripe


  3. Press the light blue stripe in the grill. bmw kidney stripes decal installation tutorial


Note that the stripes are curved more on the top than the bottom. Make sure to avoid installing them incorrectly. 


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