How to jump start a Subaru

In this guide, you will learn how to jump-start a Subaru using a portable jump starter. This procedure is helpful is you are trying to jump-start a Subaru Impreza using booster cables. 

  1. Since your keyfob will not work to unlock the car, use the metal key in your keyfob to unlock the driver's door.jump start subaru
  2. Ensure your Subaru transmission is in Park position and Parking Brakes are engaged. Do not insert the key in the ignition yet. 
  3. Pull the hood release under the dashboard the hood of the Subaru.
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  4. Locate the positive jump starting terminal and connect the positive (red) clam of your jump starterJUMP START SUBARU IMPREZA
  5. Determine a ground connection or use the negative terminal to connect the negative (-) lead. subaru negative terminal
  6. Press unlock on your key to ensure the car is powered up and the alarm system is disabled. Go inside and start the car. If your Subaru won't start, only clicks check the jump starter clamps. Wiggle the clamps a little bit to make sure they are making good contact. jump start subaru impreza

Use only the recommended jump starting terminals. 
Do not allow the positive clamp to touch any metal parts other the dedicated + terminal. 



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