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Kia ABS Module Pump ESC Control Unit Replacement

In this guide, you will learn how to remove and replace ABS pump on Kia vehicles. 

One of the symptoms of a defective ABS module is the ESC (Electronic Stability Control) light turning on. The ABS module has ESC integrated which helps stabilize your car while cornering and avoid skidding during hard braking.

The pictures in this tutorial are from a 2016 Kia Optima but owners of other Kia models such as Forte, Forte5, Rio, Sorento, Soul, Sportage, Rondo, Sedona, Borrego will find these DIY instructions helpful. 


Disconnect battery

Open the hood of your vehicle and disconnect the battery. 

Disconnect the negative battery terminal. 

Locate the ABS Module / ESC Control Module

Locate the ABS module behind the engine, near the firewall. diy kia abs esc control unit removal

Unplug the connector

Press the locking tab on the connector and disconnect the connector. 

Empty brake fluid reservoir

Remove the brake fluid from the master cylinder using a syringe. Be careful to not let dirt or any particles fall inside the brake fluid reservoir. 

Do not allow brake fluid to fall on the exterior paint of your car as it cause damage to your car. 

Disconnect brake lines

Disconnect the brake lines from the ABS unit using an 11 mm wrench. The four brake lines that supply brake fluid to the brakes are held in place with small nuts. kia abs module replacement instructions

Remove ABS module 

Remove the bolts that holds the brake module in place. Two 10 mm bolts that need to be removed. Now you should be able to remove the ABS brake module/pump. kia abs module pump problem change how to replace


Install the new ABS module in reverse order. Remember to bleed air out of the system at each brake caliper. Start with the wheel farthest from the ABS module. abs module replacement kia diy

Torque Specifications

  • Brake Line Bolts (M10): 11 lb-ft
  • Brake Line to Reservoir (M12): 16 lb-ft
  • Bolts - Bracket to Frame: 21 lb-ft

ABS Module Repair

An economical way to fix ABS module / ESC Control Module problems is to fix your existing ABS module. Remove the module from the car and ship it to a third party company that offers ABS Module Repair Service. It is a lot cheaper to fix your existing unit than replace it.


Eric, 2016-12-30

This article is very helpful. The ABS module in my Kia needs to be replaced but luckily the car is still under warranty. Nevertheless it was helpful to read about this issue. I am sure that other Kia owners will find it helpful as well.

Mark Lane, 2019-05-04

excellent breakdown in easy steps. very helpful

Yousif, 2019-05-14

Please, how to remove air trapped in ABS module? Thanks

JimsAutoRepair, 2019-06-29

The correct terms is called 'bleeding' the air from the ABS Module.
Bleeding or removing this air is very important. This is done by 'bleeding the brakes' Hence, simply step on the brake pedal a couple of times. As you keep on pressing on it, the air trapped inside will gradually be removed from the ABS module. Of course, you need to do this before you remove the whole module.

By YOUCANIC on May 15, 2019


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