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How to locate Kia paint code

In this article, we will show you where the paint code is located on a Kia. If you are wondering where the paint code is located on Kia vehicles this article can help you. 

If you know the paint color code for your Kia you will be able to shop for touch-up paint, pen or spray can. Many vendors will use the code you provide to mix the correct touch-up paint for your Kia. Finding the paint code on Kia vehicles is easy. Follow the instructions below. 

How to locate paint color code 

  1. Open the driver's door. 
  2. Look in the driver's side door jamb. 
  3. Locate the Kia Motors Corporation sticker. 
  4. On this sticker, you will see Paint code. For example 4SS or 3D.


location of paint code name on kia



how to find paint code on kia optima sedona sorento rio

Find Kia Paint Code by VIN

If you are not able to locate the paint code, your other option is to call a Kia dealer. If you provide the VIN number to the dealer parts department they will be able to look up the paint code of your Kia. 

Kia Dealer Locator

Kia Paint Codes


Code Color
SWP Snow White Pearl
3D Bright Silver
ABP Aurora Black
ABT Platinum Graphite
STM Satin Metal
IR Dark Cherry
K3R Temptation Red
LC Light Graphite
K3U Abyss Blue
K3N Golden Beat



Code Color
SWP Snow White Pearl
3D Bright Silver
EB Ebony Black
IM Titanium Silver
STM Satin Metal
IR Dark Cherry
IY Spicy Red
HO Santorini Blue
DO Metal Bronze


Where to buy touch up paint for Kia? 

Once you locate the paint code you can buy touch up paint pen, spray and bottle online. 

KIA Paint Code Location by Model

instruction on how to find paint code on kia

  • Amanti: Drivers side door Jamb
  • Optima: Drivers side door Jamb
  • Rio: Drivers side door Jamb
  • Rondo: Drivers side door Jamb
  • Sedona: Drivers side door Jamb
  • Sephia: Drivers side door Jamb
  • Sorento: Drivers side door Jamb
  • Spectra: Drivers side door Jamb
  • Sportage: Drivers side door Jamb


Mushtaq altaee, 2017-09-09

My kia sportage 2014 the vin
I can't find the code of colors plz help me by send 2 me the code 2 the email y18y62@gmail.com

Glenn Maginnis, 2018-12-28

Hi I cannot locate the paint code for my Kia Sportage

Kelly Edenfield, 2019-08-28

I have a 2002 kia Sportage. Its a dark green colol. The sticker is missing. Help me seek the color match

louis bunter, 2019-09-25

Hi I can,t my paint code for my 2007 kia serento
cheers louis bunter

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