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Mercedes-Benz ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Replacement DIY

This guide provides instructions on how to change the ABS wheel speed sensor on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class W221 chassis. This is mainly applicable to S350, S550, S400, S600, S63 AMMG from 2006 to 2013.

Mercedes-Benz ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Replacement DIY
DIY COST $30-$90

What you will need


Here is how to change the ABS wheel speed sensor on a Mercedes-Benz W221. 

  1. First, read the fault codes with a Mercedes-Benz scanner to find out which sensor is faulty. 
  2. Jack up the vehicle near the wheel with the bad ABS sensor and secure the vehicle with jack stands.
  3. Locate the ABS wheel speed sensor behind the rotor. Use an Allen key to remove the ABS sensor bolt. Mercedes W221 ABS sensor location
  4. Remove the ABS wire from the vehicle. Mercedes W221 ABS sensor wire


  5. Remove the C clip that secures the connector using a flathead screwdriver. W221 S550 abs sensor
  6. Pry out the ABS connector. The ABS connector and the suspension ADS connectors are joined together, but they can be separated. W221 sensor wire abs mercedes benz


  7. Remove the old ABS sensor and install the new sensor in reverse order. Install new W221 abs wheel speed sensor

The ABS light, traction control light, and stability control will be on. Once you start the vehicle and drive for a minute, it will reset automatically. 

If the ABS light does not reset, it means you have other problems with the ABS that need to be addressed. 


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  • ABS light may still be on when you restart the car. Driving for a few minutes should reset the ABS and traction control light if no other issues are present. 
  • Read codes with an ABS scanner to find out which sensor needs to be replaced. You don't need to replace all four sensors as in most cases only one fails. 
  • If the old ABS sensor will not come out easily, spray penetrating oil, wait 10 minutes then remove the sensor using pliers. 

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