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Best Mercedes-Benz Brake Fluid

This article provides information about Mercedes-Benz brake fluid. 

Best Mercedes-Benz Brake Fluid


What is the best brake fluid for Mercedes-Benz? 

Recommended Mercedes Brake Fluid

The best brake fluid for your Mercedes-Benz brake system is printed on the cap of the brake fluid reservoir. Most likely is going to be DOT 4+ Brake Fluid.

If the Mercedes-Benz requires DOT 4+ brake fluid, do not use brake fluid from the auto parts store that says DOT 3, 4, 5, or 5.1. 

DOT 4+ specifications are similar to DOT 4 brake fluid but with a higher boiling point to prevent brake fluid from vaporizing locks at high temperatures.

Correct Mercedes-Benz Brake Fluid

mercedes dot 4+ plus brake fluid

Most models, including the E, C, S, CLS, ML, GL, or R Class, recommended Mercedes-Benz brake fluid, DOT 4 plus.

Mercedes brake fluid is sold at Mercedes-Benz dealerships or online. 

How to Add Mercedes-Benz Brake Fluid

Do not use DOT 5 brake fluid on Mercedes vehicles that require DOT 4+ brake fluid.

mb brake fluid

The wet boiling point for Mercedes brake fluid DOT 4+ is 356 degrees F or 180 degrees C.

Have you used different brake fluid on your Mercedes-Benz brake system? Did you notice any performance or system degradation?



Wife's 550CLS had a leaking front caliper and drained the reservoir to the point the that the add fluid light can on. I topped it off with Castrol DOT 4 not knowing I needed 4+. Now every caliper leaks. I've got my fingers crossed that a flush will fix it.

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