Mercedes Driveshaft CV Joint Replacement

In this guide, you will find instructions on how to replace a drive shaft constant velocity (CV) joint. CV joints are used on many modern vehicles including BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, Land Rover etc.

Note that some vehicles use Universal joint or U joints instead of CV joint for the drive shaft.

A common symptom of failed driveshaft joint is vibrations that can be noticed at speeds as low as 30 mph. 

What you will need


  1. Use ramps to raise the vehicle. Use jack stands to secure the vehicle. 
  2. Remove the bottom splash shield if necessary. 
  3. Remove the bolts that hold the joint connected to the differential and transfer case. driveshaft cv joint replacement


  4. Remove the drive shaft. If the driveshaft does not disconnect spray penetrating oil at the joint. Use a flat head screwdriver to pry the cv joint out. removed driveshaft


  5. Pull out the driveshaft.driveshaft


  6. Remove the snap ring. remove snap ring


  7. Slide out the old cv joint. remove cv joint


  8. Remove the boot and either clean it or replaced it if it is cracked. cv joint boot


  9. Install the boot and fill it with grease. new driveshaft boot installed


  10. Slide the new CV joint. Install the snap ring. new driveshaft cv joint


  11. Add grease to the CV joint. add grease to driveshaft joint


  12. Place the cap on top and line up the boot, cv joint, and cap. Use a zip tie to keep them all together. new drive shaft joint installed


  13. Install the drive shaft on the vehicle. Replace the bolts if they are aluminum. Torque the bolts to approximately 40 Nm or as recommended to by the manufacturer. torqe drive shaft

Replacement Cost

Replacing a drive shaft cv joint takes about 2 to 3 hours. It requires the removal of the drive shaft from the vehicle. Disassembly of the cv joint and installation of the cv joint.

While it is possible to replace the cv joint only as shown in this guide, your dealer may recommend replacement of the driveshaft which comes with new cv joints. The drive shaft does not fail as frequently and replacing the drive shaft is not necessary in many cases.

Replacing only the propeller shaft cv joint is cost effective as well. Replacing the drive shaft can cost over $1000 while replacing just the cv joints costs between $300-$500. DIY cost is typically the cost of the materials which means the cost of a new drive shaft cv joint which in most cases ranges between $100-$200.

By YOUCANIC on May 23, 2019


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