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Mercedes HID Ballast Ignitor Replacement

Mercedes HID Xenon ballast or ignitor may fail and cause one of the headlight to not work. In this guide, you will find instructiosn on how to replace Mercedes Xenon HID Igniter.

First, you need to confirm that the HID bulb is not burned out. Burned out HID bulb is a very common problem. To learn how to change Mercedes HID bulb follow this guide. 


  • Mercedes HID Headlight not working
  • Left or Right Low Beam Light not on
  • Mercedes ballast doesn't ignite

How to replace Mercedes ballast/ignitor

Caution: HID system generates thousands of volts and can cause serious injuries. Make sure to remove the key from the ignition, turn off the headlight and use gloves during this procedure.

What you will need


On older Mercedes-Benz models, the ballast and ignitor were mounted under the headlight. Typically this required that you either remove the headlight or loosen the front bumper to access the ballast. On newer Mercedes models, the ignitor is mounted right on the back of the HID bulb. 

  1. Open the hood and access the back of the headlight. replace mercedes hid ballast ignitor
  2. Remove the cap by twisting it counterclockwise. remove cap from headlight to replace mercedes hid ballast


  3. Unplug the wire from the ignitor.unplug wire from mercedes ballast ignitor


  4. Twist the ignitor counterclockwise to remove it. remove ballast mercedes ignitor headlight diy


  5. Install the new ignitor. Line up all four locking tabs then twist it clockwise to lock in the headlight. how to change mercedes ballast ignitor



How to troubleshoot Mercedes ignitor

Common signs of a bad Mercedes ignitor is that one of the headlights are out. When the ignitor starts to fail, it will work randomly. If the HID bulb is burned it will never come back on or work randomly once it fails. 

First, check the low beam fuse. Mercedes uses a fuse for each of the headlights. Therefore you have a left and right headlight fuses. 

If the fuses check out and are not burned, you need to check the ignitor. 

Swap the ignitor with the other side. 

  • If the headlight where you moved the ignitor does not work, the problem is the ignitor. 
  • If the headlight where you moved the ignitor does work, the problem is NOT the ignitor. 

By YOUCANIC on Jan 14, 2019


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