Choosing the best OBD-II scanner for Porsche vehicles

In this article, we take a look and review some of the best OBD2 scanners for Porsche. With hundreds of OBD-II scanners on the market, it is overwhelming for many Porsche owners to figure out what is the best OBD2 scanner for Porsche. 

While you can diagnose Porsche check engine light with a standard OBD-II scanner, you can not diagnose airbag, transmission, and other systems without a scanner that can read Porsche specific fault codes

choosing the best obd2 scanner to diagnose porsche problems

Scanners we review here range from $140 up to $700 and can diagnose multiple Porsche systems including Engine, Anti-lock Brake System, transmission, airbag and more. 

iCarsoft POR II

best obd2 scanner for porsche

Who is this scanner for?

iCarsoft POR II is one of the best multi-system Porsche scanners under $200. 

The iCarsoft POR II scanner is for owners who are looking for a powerful OBD-II scanner for Porsche vehicles. 

Unlike generic OBD-II scanners, the iCarsoft POR II is Porsche specific and capable of reading and clearing codes from modules that typically only the dealer can access such as:

  • DME - Engine
  • Airbag - SRS
  • ABS
  • Tiptronic
  • Alarm
  • Seat Memory
  • Heating & A/C
  • and more

What do we like? 

The iCarsoft scanner is an affordable scanner for Porsche owners, yet it can read and clear codes from most modules.

The iCarsoft Por II can also display live sensor data, perform calibration or carry out sensor activations for the following:

  • Transmission,
  • ABS
  • Electronic Parking Brake
  • Steering Angle Sensor 
  • Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) 
  • Battery Management (BMS) module
  • Climate Control
  • Airbag / SRS module

Check the coverage on the Porsche iCarsoft II listing page or with the seller as some newer Porsche models may not be covered yet. 

Overall it is straightforward to use, even if you have never used a Porsche OBD2 scanner before. 

A few features include ABS Bleeding, Injector coding, ABS Brake relearn function when ABS is replaced.

What don't we like? 

Multi-system diagnostics only works on Porsche vehicles. It can be used on any vehicle for engine diagnostics but not to diagnose other modules.

While the iCarsoft can read and clear codes from most modules on your Porsche, it has limited codding and sensor activation functionality. 

Autel MaxiDAS Professional Scanner

Who is this scanner for? 

The Autel MaxiDAS is a professional level diagnostic scanner for Porsche and other makes. While it is the most expensive scanner on this list, it is also the cheapest scanner that you can get that will offer similar functionality to a dealer level scanner. 

What do we like? 

The Autel MaxiDAS can not only access all Porsche systems and modules, but it can also carry out sensor activations, programming and display live sensor data from all the modules

Another advantage of the Autel MaxiDAS is that it covers almost all makes and makes and is not just for diagnostic Porsche vehicles. 

What don't we like? 

This scanner is a bit expensive for Porsche owners who may only use it a couple of times.

If money is not a concern this is without a doubt the best Porsche scanner for the money. 

Launch  Creader VII+

Who is this scanner for? 

The Launch Creader VII+ is a great overall scanner that works on almost any car. Its main capabilities are to read and clear codes from:

  • Engine,
  • Airbag,
  • Transmission
  • ABS modules. 

What do we like? 

Unlike the iCarsoft that only works on Porsche, you can use the Launch Creader on almost any make and model.

While iCarosoft provides in-depth troubleshooting for Porsche vehicles, Launch Creader covers the four systems mentioned on most makes and models. 

What we don't like? 

The only downside of the Launch Creader is that it does not diagnose all systems on a Porsche.

For example, if your climate control module has fault codes, you can't read and clear those codes with Launch Creader

Porsche PIWIS

Whos is this scanner for? 

PIWIS is a diagnostic scanner for Porsche dealers and mechanics. 

Porsche PIWIS is the most powerful diagnostic tool for Porsche vehicles. It is used at Porsche dealerships for diagnosis, troubleshooting, and programming.

It allows you to:

  • read/clear error codes,
  • view live data stream,
  • any module programming,
  • perform any component testing,
  • view maintenance information,
  • display wiring diagram,
  • much more.

What do we like? 

Porsche Piwis Tester II can help you diagnose and program anything on a Porsche. It works on new and old Porsche vehicles.

New Panamera vehicles can be diagnosed with Porsche Piwis Tester II.

What don't we like? 

PIWIS scanner is too expensive and difficult to use. You most likely won't be able to get a hold of Porsche Piwis unless you are an auto repair shop. 

Durametric Diagnostic Tool for Porsche

Who is this for? 

The Durametric is a great tool for Porsche mechanics. Durametric Diagnostic Software is an alternative to the Porsche dealer scanner. 

What do we like? 

Provides in-depth troubleshooting and has great model coverage. 

What don't we like? 

The Durametric costs several hundred dollars. It also requires a laptop to run. 


If you are Porsche owner looking for a dealer level scanner you will get similar functionality with Autel MaxiDAS.

MaxiDAS provides the in-depth diagnostics and also works on 20+ vehicle makes including Europen, Asian and Domestic vehicles.

Those on a tight budget looking for a good Porsche OBD2 scanner that offers multi-system diagnostic iCarsoft POR II is a great choice. 

If you are looking for an alternative to Porsche PIWIS, Durametric diagnostic software is the best choice, especially for Porsche mechanics and repair shops. 

The scanners in this list work on most 1996 and newer Porsches such as Porsche 996, 997, 911, Boxter, Cayenne, 993.

Before you purchase a Porsche OBD2 scanner, you should always check system coverage for your particular Porsche model and year. 

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