Order new BMW key

If you lost your BMW key, or are just looking for a spare key the procedure for getting a new key is simple.

A new BMW key can be purchased from any BMW dealer. Before you head to the BMW dealership you will need to make sure you have the following document with you.

Typical cost for new BMW key is $300-$410 for the proximity key. This key has a metal blade inserted. The metal blade can be purchased separately for $45-$60 if necessary.

The older style BMW key (diamond key) costs around $165-$210 depending on location. 

What's required to order new BMW key

  1. Vehicle registration or Title
  2. Your driver's license

Ownership information for items 1 and 2 need to match. If you are not the owner of the BMW, you can order a new key if you have a signed Power of Attorney from the owner of the vehicle. 

The vehicle does not need to be at the dealership. 

Frequently Asked Questions

My BMW key is damaged, can it be repaired? 

  • bmw key shellIt is very common for the BMW key shell to wear out or get damaged over time. If the key still functions, you can simply replace the shell with a new BMW Key Shell. This is a lot cheaper than buying a new BMW key.

How do I get a new key for my BMW? 

  • You can order a new key from any BMW dealer. You will need to show proof of ownership¬†and your ID. No need to take the car to the dealership.¬†

How do you program a new BMW Key? 

  • Your BMW key should come pre-programmed to your vehicle. Just insert it into the ignition¬†slot once and start the car. Very few new BMW keys may need programming. Some instructions may be found in this tutorial.

Can I just replace the battery in my keyfob or do I need a new key? 

  • Some BMW keys have rechargeable¬†batteries. Eventually, even these batteries die. These keys were not meant to be serviced. BMW dealerships will recommend that you purchase a new key. The good news is that even these keys can be opened and the battery can often be replaced. It is a lot cheaper to open up the shell and replace the battery than spend $300+ on a new key. If you need¬†help with this task find a good tutorial on how to change BMW key battery.

Can a locksmith make a copy of the BMW key? 

  • It is very difficult¬†to make a BMW key and most locksmiths won't be able too. Unless it is an older BMW. A locksmith with AK90+ Key Programmer can duplicate the key for certain BMW models. Another tool often used by locksmiths is¬†CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 Auto key programmer¬†diagnosis tool with¬†IMMO Security


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