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Order new Kia Key

Do you need Kia replacement key or keyless entry keyfob?

If you are looking to get a Kia replacement key you have a couple of options.

Kia Dealer

The dealer will be able to make a new key for any Kia model including Rio, Soul, Forte, Sportage, Optima, etc. 


The locksmith will be able to cut you a new key for most older Kia models but not for the new model Kia's that have a built-in chip in the key which requires programming. Locksmiths may be able to program a transponder key depending on the equipment that they have.

If you do have a locksmith nearby give them a call and tell them that you need a new key made. Inform the locksmith of the year, make and model of your Kia. 

The locksmith will be able to tell you if they can cut a new key for your Kia

How to order key from Kia dealers

Wondering how you can get a new key for your Kia?

You need to visit Kia dealer in your area and go to their parts departments.

  1. Locate a Kia dealer in your area. 
  2. Visit the Kia parts department to place order an for a new key. 
  3. Documents that you should bring when you order a new Kia key. 
    • Driver License
    • Proof of ownership. Title or Car Registration
    • Pre payment for the new key
  4. Once you order the new key, the Kia dealer will call you in a two to three days and ask you to go back to pick up your key. Some Kia keys can be cut and picked up on the same day. 

Your new key typically will require programming in order to Lock or Unlock the car.

Otherwise, those features will not work. If you have the instructions for your model you can do this yourself at home. If you have the dealer, perform the programming they will charge you for that service. 

Kia provides a key code serial number.
This number is attached to the keys when the vehicle is purchased new. If you can find the key serial number you can provide it to Kia dealer and they will able to quickly duplicate the keys.
Do not share the key serial number with anyone and store it in a safe location.

Lost Kia key, what should I do? 

If you have lost the Kia key don't panic. Here is what you should do.

Get together your drivers license, proof of ownership (title, registration) and VIN number of your Kia.

Go to your Kia dealer and order a new key.

Based on the VIN number the Kia dealer should be able to cut the new key without having the car there. In same cases, they may have to order a new metal key which can take in average two to three days to arrive. Once you pick up the key from the dealer you can use it to start up the car.

You may need to go back to visit the Kia dealer to have the key fob programmed to Lock/Unlock the car. In many cases, the programming can be performed at home if you can find the correct programming procedure for you Kia model. 

Key Cost

How much do Kia new keys cost?

That depends on the model of your car and type of key. If the key has a chip or not.

These prices are general guidelines if you live in US. Keep in mind that these prices can vary depending on your location, even in US. 

  • Dealer:
    • Kia metal key (wallet key) no chip - $29-$80 
    • New Kia Key & Fob - $250-$300
  • Locksmith
    • $100-$180

If you are looking for a spare key to use in case of emergency you can order what is called a wallet key.

It is not a full keyfob and it does not have Lock/Unlcok buttons but is just a key that will allow you to open and start the car manually. It costs around $30 for the metal key and about $25 for the dealer to cut the new key. This is a lot cheaper than spending $250-$300 on a new keyfob. 


What battery is used on Kia key fob remote? 

  • Most Kia key fobs use two CR2032 button cell batteries. We would recommend a lithium battery instead of NiCad, as they last a lot longer. You can find replacement CR2032 Lithium battery on Amazon. 

How to replace Kia key fob battery? 

Key Fob Damaged, Replacement Options? 

  • If your Kia key fob is damaged instead of ordering a new key you should consider replacing the key fob case. A new case costs a fraction of the cost of a new key and can be replaced at home. It is an easy DIY project that can save you money so that you don't have to buy a $250 new key. Head over to Amazon to find Kia Key Fob Remote Replacement Case



christopher, 2019-02-05

I need a regular non chip metal key for a 2006 kia Sedona how much?

j.r., 2019-06-17

my local Kia dealer parts department charges about $45 ( $20 for the blank and $20 to cut it plus tax ) Kia is calling it a "blade only key" although your dealership might not.

Mr. Kia, 2019-06-18

I am a big Kia person here but I do have problems because there are so few dealers where I live in the US.
I wanted to get a back-up FOB key made just in case I lose one.. what should I do if there is no dealer nearby? Can I go to other dealers? Is there an online place to buy them?

Misstook, 2019-06-18

What if I just buy the FOB key and program it myself, is that an option and will it help me save more money? I checked locally and my dealer is charging $100 and I don't want to spend that much.

I think $100 is a lot of money. If you want to save money, then I think you should try to reprogram it yourself. It usually takes 10 minutes and is not a big deal.

Bethany, 2019-07-25

So long story short, I bought a 2018 Kia Forte and don’t like it to I’m returning it. The dealership said that the car didn’t have the keyless entry so I paid out of pocket for a key fob to be made for it. Now I’m returning the car for a 2016 Kia Optima. Can I somehow reprogram the fob and have a locksmith cut a new key to put in it? I don’t really want to give it to the dealership since I paid for it out of pocket but if I can’t use it on the Optima I don’t have much use for it. Any idea if this is possible?

By YOUCANIC on May 18, 2019


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